Richmond’s senior development coach Mark ‘Choco’ Williams casts his discerning eye over second-year Tiger Jason Castagna.

“Jason played particularly well, I think, towards the end of the year (2015). 

“He was going to play in the seniors, but got injured and missed that opportunity. 

“He’s one of the great characters around the place.  He’s got great energy and he could play some midfield, but certainly in the backline (at AFL level). 

“The boys (his Tiger teammates) did a great job integrating him (into the Club) and helping him understand (AFL football). 

“The senior players look after him. They love his energy and his attack on the ball. 

“He’s very courageous and goes flat out . . .  a bit like ‘Morro’(Steve Morris).

“As supporters (who have seen him play at VFL level) would understand, he has a crack (at winning the ball), and a crack at the opposition, which is brilliant. 

“He’s been slowly working on his decision-making and kicking, which are the things we try and help all the young players with.  And, he’s building that case as well . . .”