Richmond rewrote the record books on Saturday, September 27 1980, with a gargantuan Grand Final victory over arch-rival Collingwood at the MCG before a crowd of 113,461. 

1980 Grand Final details:

Richmond                      6.5        11.11    15.17    23.21  (159)
Collingwood                   2.6        4.10      5.18      9.24  (78)

Goals – Richmond:  Bartlett 7, Cloke 6, Wiley 3, Roach 2, Keane 2, Weightman, Jess, Rowlings.

Best – Richmond:  Bartlett, Raines, Lee, Wiley, Cloke, Welsh, Bourke, Wood, Keane.


The 1980 premiership team

B M. Malthouse F. Bourke E. Dunne
HB G. Strachan S. Mount T. Smith
C P. Welsh G. Raines B. Wood
HF B. Rowlings J. Jess K. Bartlett
F D. Cloke M. Roach D. Weightman
R M. Lee M. Keane R. Wiley
I/C B. Monteath D. Freame  
Coach Tony Jewell    

1980 Grand Final review
1st quarter: This Grand Final was played on a dry ground in overcast conditions before a crowd of 113,461. Collingwood was coached by four-time Richmond premiership coach Tommy Hafey and also had dual Tiger premiership player Kevin Morris in its line-up. Richmond was coached by 1967 premiership player Tony Jewell. The Tigers kicked the first goal of the match after five minutes through Dale Weightman, who marked, played on and steered it through.  

Kevin Bartlett then ran into an open goal after being well shepherded by Michael Roach. The next two goals were kicked by Roach following strong marks, as Richmond started to get right on top of the Magpies, who missed several set shots. Richmond’s defence, led by Francis Bourke, Stephen Mount and Emmett Dunne, was prominent and making life very tough for the Collingwood forwards. Jimmy Jess was initiating many forward moves at centre half-forward and David Cloke was another strong target, although he missed two easy shots after strong marks in the goal square. With Mark Lee dominating in the ruck, and Geoff Raines winning a swag of possessions, Richmond led by 23 points at the first change.

2nd quarter: Cloke kicked the Tigers’ first goal of the second quarter after taking a strong mark. Mount was playing well at centre half-back.  Merv Keane kicked the next goal with a shot on the run. During the middle stages of the quarter, Bartlett got away three times to mark uncontested, adding three goals to Richmond’s rapidly-rising tally.  Collingwood attacked without much success and late misses by Roach and Cloke prevented the Tigers leading by 10 goals at half-time, although they still held a decisive 43-point advantage.

3rd quarter: Richmond started the third quarter well with a mark and goal to Cloke. Robert Wiley kicked the next goal after a receiving a handball from Barry Rowlings.  Cloke goaled again when he marked on the outer half-forward flank, took two bounces, and then threaded it through. The Tigers’ teamwork was brilliant, as they moved the ball at will with excellent handball and pinpoint foot passing. Raines was dominating in the centre and Lee was well on top in the ruck.  Richmond took a commanding 59-point lead into the final change.


4th quarter: Weightman got the Tigers away in the last quarter when, after a fine tackle, he grabbed the loose ball and shot out a quick handball to Jess, who ran in and goaled. Bartlett then gathered a loose ball, before drawing a Magpie opponent and handballing to Rowlings, who goaled. Bartlett followed up by kicking a goal himself after gathering the crumbs from a pack at top pace and running into an open goal. Collingwood moved Bill Picken to centre half-forward, where he gave them their first true avenue to goal for the game, taking several marks and kicking two goals.  

Cloke kicked Richmond’s next goal following a Royce Hart-like mark in the goal square.  Bartlett brought up his sixth goal after receiving a handball from Roach. The Tigers then gave both interchange players – Freame and captain Bruce Monteath – a run, replacing Mount and Weightman. Geoff Raines took the mark of the match with a superb grab on the outer wing over a pack of players.  At the 26-minute mark, Freame drove the ball forward, where Bartlett contested a mark with opponent Stan Magro.  When the ball hit the ground, Bartlett swooped on it, baulked around Magro, steadied himself and then threaded through his seventh goal from a very acute angle, which he celebrated with a trademark raised fist much to the sheer delight of the Yellow and Black faithful.  

Wiley kicked another goal at the 29-minute mark. Bartlett had a chance to score his eighth, but his kick was astray. The final siren signalled a Grand Final record-winning margin of 81 points to the Tigers, who took out their 10th premiership, with Bartlett awarded the Norm Smith Medal for being best afield.

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