Richmond’s History and Tradition Committee has completed a thorough investigation into the Club’s best and fairest award winners pre-1940, after some anomalies were brought to the attention of the Club Board.

The investigation, overseen by Club Vice-President Emmett Dunne, sought to verify whether best and fairest awards were in fact presented in seasons prior to 1940.

The investigation included a review of Annual Reports, media reports from each season and discussions with the next of kin of relevant players in an attempt to locate trophies or other memorabilia that might verify the presentation of a best and fairest award in those seasons.

The investigation was unable to confirm that the Club had declared best and fairest winners for a number of years and the Board has subsequently determined that club records be amended accordingly.

“This has been an exhaustive process that has involved a forensic examination of our history,” Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said. “Where possible we have spoken to families of the players affected to ensure we have explored every avenue possible to confirm the award or otherwise.”

“Ultimately the integrity of our historical records is paramount and as such the Board took the view that these amendments should be made.

“The players affected will always be an important part of this Club’s history but the fact remains that in most of these years there was no best and fairest awarded. Previously, some assumptions about best and fairest winners were made retrospectively that the Board did not believe reasonable.

“It is important to stress that the Club is not taking away these awards but that it has not been able to confirm that best and fairest awards were made in these years.

“Naturally if any evidence comes to light to suggest these awards be reinstated the Board would consider those cases, but based on the work done and the information available, we believe these records need to be amended.”

Richmond Best and Fairest Winners 1908 - 1939

1908: Not awarded

1909: No awarded

1910: Not awarded

1911: Not awarded

1912: No awarded

1913: Not awarded

1914: Not awarded

1915: Not awarded

1916: Not awarded

1917: Not awarded

1918: Not awarded

1919: Not awarded

1920: Not awarded

1921: Not awarded

1922: Not awarded

1923: Not awarded

1924: Not awarded

1925: Not awarded

1926: Not awarded

1927: Basil McCormack

1928: Basil McCormack

1929: Jack Titus

1930: Not awarded

1931: Not Awarded

1932: Not awarded

1933: Not awarded

1934: Not awarded

1935: Ray Martin

1936: Not awarded

1937: Jack Dyer

1938: Jack Dyer

1939: Jack Dyer