Get to know a little more about AFLW Tiger Sophie Molan...

Guernsey number: 1

Position: Midfielder

Height: 175cm

D.O.B.: 24/03/01

Nickname: Mol/Soph

Instagram handle: @sophie.molan1

Occupation: Cashier

Local club: Mt Clear and Lake Wendouree

Club supporter growing up: Collingwood

Hidden talent: I can absolutely jam on Guitar Hero on PlayStation 2

Pre-game meal: Spaghetti bolognese the night before. Pre-game, probably a banana.

Favourite holiday destination: Gold Coast or Anglesea, anywhere with the family

Favourite TV show: Law and Order or Suits

Most-used app: Snapchat

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Favourite type of kick: Banana (even though they don’t always come off!)

Greatest inspiration and why: My parents are an obvious inspiration to me as they always encourage me to follow my dreams. Also, all my friends who have made it in their chosen area. For example, Georgia Amoore, who has gone to college in America to play basketball. Lastly, all the girls who I have played football with who have also been drafted.

Fav pump up song: Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Which AFL/AFLW player do you model your game off: I have always watched Scott Pendlebury’s game, and he always looks like he has so much time and composure through the midfield. Also, the inside hard ball of someone like Emma Kearney.