Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

Noah Cumberland, knee

“Noah is going really well; he is now in the mid to late stages of the rehab program and running at high speed/close to sprinting. He is still doing some conditioning, but we are not trying to rush things because we have got some time on our side.

“He is progressing really well; at this stage we have not really stated a date for return to play or return to the main skills group. He has still got some things to tick off in his program in the next month or so and then we will have some information to when he will return to the group.”

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Injury report: Cumberland, Soldo, Nyuon

Physical Performance Manager, Peter Burge, provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Ivan Soldo, knee

“He is in a deep rehab program (with) strength training and balance training. He is a little while away from starting any kind of running given it happened so late in the season (Round 17 v Geelong).

“He is probably not looking at football until very late in the season at best, with these big guys we have got to take a very cautious approach. He is so diligent in what he does, he is in here now doing hours of rehab and special exercises.

“He is so dedicated, so we know one thing (and that is that) we are going to get a really good result with him because he will do everything he can to give himself the best chance to come back and play this year.”

Bigoa Nyuon, shoulder

“Shoulder is great, he is back to pretty much full training. His conditioning at the moment is outstanding, he has returned and done some things that we have seen in the last week which is really pleasing.

“He has taken a couple of steps forward in some areas and it’s actually really exciting to see him out here training with the boys and he is doing some good stuff at the moment, it’s really good.”

Kane Lambert, hip

“Had some hip surgery at the end of the season, only recently, and has returned to running already the last three to four weeks.

“He will probably resume with the main group in January ahead of schedule which is a great result.”

Rehab group in general

“It’s quite a small rehab group at the moment which is a great result considering how late we finished the season. Not many surgeries and not many guys needing rehabilitation.”

Introducing draftees to training

“We had Maurice Junior in today and Samson Ryan from Queensland. They came in today and did their medical screening with the doctor and the physio and then were able to come out on the track and do some skills training with the young guys.

“We are not doing a huge workload at the moment, but it was good for them to come in and do everything that was planned. We will progress and have a look at them over the next week and couple of months.”

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Draftee's first day

Samson Ryan and Maurice Rioli Jr joined the first to fourth year players for the first time.

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Build up to the season for the full group

“Given we had a late finish to the year obviously with the Grand Final, and if you look at the last couple of year’s collectively we have finished later. It is really a balance of management and getting the work in before the season, it is a fine line with the game also going back to full length.

“I think for January we will be managing the guys back into the program over those couple of weeks and then into February we will ramp things up a little bit preparing for some match play towards the end of February into March for the Marsh Series.

“Overall we just have to find the right balance and we have got a little bit of a plan in place for that.”