In a special off-season series, Richmond Media is dissecting the key 2020 season statistics of each member of the Tigers’ triumphant premiership team (in guernsey number order). And Richmond great Matthew Richardson also is providing comments on each premiership player. Our focus today is on No. 23, Kane Lambert.

Overall statistics

Games: 20  

Kicks average: 6.8  

Handballs average: 8.8 

Disposals average: 15.6 

Contested possessions average: 6.0     

Uncontested possessions average: 9.8

Inside-50s average: 2.5

Clearances average: 1.6

Stoppage clearances average: 1.5

Marks average: 3.0

Intercepts average: 2.1

Score involvements average: 4.0

Tackles average: 3.4

One-percenters average: 1.3

Metres gained average: 197.6

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Grand recollections: Kane Lambert

Kane Lambert reflects on the 2020 Premiership.

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Season statistical highs

Kicks: 13 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba.

Handballs: 16 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Disposals: 27 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Contested possessions: 12 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Uncontested possessions: 17 v North Melbourne, Round 7, Metricon Stadium.

Inside-50s: 6 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba.

Rebound-50s: 3 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba.

Clearances: 5 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Stoppage clearances: 5 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Marks: 7 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba.

Intercepts: 4 v 4 v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG and v Gold Coast, Round 12, Gabba.

Score involvements: 8 v Carlton, Round 1, MCG and v Melbourne, Round 5, MCG.

Tackles: 6 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba and v Port Adelaide, preliminary final, Adelaide Oval.

One-percenters: 4 v Brisbane, qualifying final, Gabba.

Metres gained: 388 v Sydney, Round 6, Gabba.

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PF: Lively Lambert produces two genius gems

Kane Lambert inches the Tiges one step closer to the finish line with two consecutive goals in superb fashion

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Richmond rankings

No. 1 for handballs.

No. 3 for disposals.

No. 3 for uncontested possessions.

No. 3 for tackles.

No. 4 for contested possessions.

No. 4 for stoppage clearances.

No. 5 for clearances.

No. 5 for score involvements.

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2020 JDM: Francis Bourke award

Kane Lambert accepts the Francis Bourke award.

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Richo says:

“Got to love this guy. Ultimate team man and absolutely critical to the Tigers’ system. Elite two-way runner, which can often go unrewarded, but he opens space up for teammates. As always, when his turn came, he took it. Two crucial final quarter goals v Port Adelaide in the preliminary final propelled Tigers into the Grand Final. A consummate professional.”