Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Toby Nankervis, Bachar Houli, Callum Coleman-Jones, Shane Edwards, Dion Prestia and Kane Lambert in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury Report: Houli, Vlastuin, Edwards, Coleman-Jones

Physical Performance Manager, Peter Burge provides Richmond media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Bachar Houli, ankle, (medium-term)

“It was (with) four and a half minutes to go in the game, he had an incident on the far wing where he hurt his ankle. (He) came down from a spoil/a contest, and it was not great to look at on the vision.

"Initially post game the assessment was that he had hurt his ankle, but scans the next day showed he had done a bit of damage to the syndesmosis in the ankle.

“It was decided that he should have some surgery to support the tibia and the fibula which support the ankle… same as ‘Broady’ and Noah Balta the week before.

“Probably if there is a slight positive, (it is that) Bachar’s is not quite as bad. He was able to walk around the next day and feel reasonably comfortable, but the surgery will still help to support that ankle joint.

“We expect his return will be a couple of weeks at best, but again we will have a better idea probably in a week or two as to what that exact timeframe might look like.”

Nick Vlastuin, knee, questionable

“Nick had an incident early in the game where he had a knock to his knee, he was quite sore during the game, and he played it out.

“We have had some scans in the following days, and he has got a little bit of medial ligament damage in his knee which will not necessarily rule him out of the game this week.

“It is on the mild-end of the spectrum, (so) it is straight-line running tomorrow, and then assess him to main train later on in the week to look at his availability for Sunday based on that session.”

Shane Edwards, ankle, questionable

“Shane Edwards had an incident early in the game where he slipped and jammed the back of his ankle. He required a bit of medical treatment early in the first quarter and we had to re-tape his ankle.

“He finished off the game… (but) he is still pretty sore from that incident, and he has also still got the medial ligament issue on that same ankle, that he recovered from a few weeks ago.

‘We are going to assess Shane during the week and make the call later in the week as to whether he plays or not.”

Callum Coleman-Jones, calf, (short-term)

“'CJ' was reporting late in the second quarter, just a little bit of soreness with his calf. At half-time we just took the approach to remove him from the game and activate the sub.

"So, ‘CJ’ will most likely miss this weekend, but we expect that he will be in a position next week to return to play.”

Toby Nankervis, knee, probable

“Toby has had a good last week. He will train fully tomorrow and again Friday. He will have to get through all the usual ruck scenarios that he would do in a game before we give him the final tick off, but it is looking fairly positive at this stage.

“We will make a call later in the week.”

Dion Prestia, hamstring, (short-term)

“Dion is running again and running at a reasonable pace. Dion won’t be available this week but depending on when our game is next week, we will have a look at training and make a judgment.

“He is progressing well, (he has) obviously had a pretty rough trot this year. We are hoping to get him in a position to return to play and keep him on the park for the rest of the year.”

Kane Lambert, hip/calf, (short-term)

“He will start running again tomorrow. This calf injury is a little bit related to a hip issue he has been managing.

“He will miss this week and then we will make an assessment next week as to how he is progressing for a return to training and hopefully selection.”

Richmond Injury List

Toby Nankervis – knee

Nick Vlastuin – knee
Shane Edwards - ankle

Callum Coleman-Jones – calf – short term
Dion Prestia - hamstring - short term
Kane Lambert - hip/calf - short term
Noah Balta – ankle - medium term
Nathan Broad – ankle - medium term
Bachar Houli - ankle - medium term
Ivan Soldo – knee – long term

Updated - July 6, 2021