Richmond VFL playing coach, Steve Morris, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday's loss to Collingwood. 

Josh Caddy (39 disposals, nine clearances, seven inside-50s)

"Josh was the big, mature body that we needed around the footy. He fought incredibly hard to get the ball moving our way, had nine clearances and was very good for us on the day."

Will Martyn (31 disposals, 13 tackles, seven clearances)

"Will has really been working hard for us inside and is in great form. He’s a young player but doesn’t play like it. He tackled hard and won his own footy all day. Outstanding game."

Garrett McDonagh (30 disposals, seven rebound-50s, one goal)

"Garrett has been working really hard on his game. His kicking skills were on show for all to see as his ball use was very good out of the back half. Contest work was also a highlight in a well-rounded game."

Lachlan Street (25 disposals, five marks, one goal)

"Fought very hard for the team in every possible way. He was once again asked to play a role and compete in the ruck at stages, but his composure and ability to find the footy were outstanding."

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VFL R13: Ferguson post-match

VFL assistant coach, Ryan Ferguson, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 13 match against Collingwood.

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Matt Parker (24 disposals, eight tackles, six inside-50s, six marks)

"'MP' put great pressure on and once again was an important part of our midfield. He brought others into the game with the use of his hands which was also great to see."

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (23 disposals, six marks, six rebound-50s)

"Every time he had the footy on the weekend something seemed to happen. He was able to pick his way through the opposition defense with his beautiful kicking skills on multiple occasions and was very important to our offensive ball movement."

Bailey Henderson (23 disposals, five marks, two rebound-50s)

"Bailey played between wing and half-back on the weekend. His link-up play was very good on the back of his work rate. His courage was also on display when going back with the flight of the ball in front of Mason Cox."

Noah Cumberland (20 disposals, five goals, six marks)

"Noah just continued to turn up and throw himself at contest after contest all day, and his third quarter in particular was sensational. He finished with five goals and made his presence felt in the forward half in a different role. The challenge will be for him to maintain the work rate and intensity that saw him get such great reward after the bye."

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VFL R13: Cumberland bags five

Watch Noah Cumberland's highlights from the Round 13 match against Collingwood.

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Joel Nathan (20 disposals, eight marks, three rebound-50s)

"Joel bounced back to his best on the weekend. His application to the contest was great and his awareness defensively was much improved. Great to see him back himself in and get involved offensively also."

Maurice Rioli Jnr (17 disposals, 10 tackles, four inside-50s)

"'MJ' was ferocious on defense and used his pace and agility on offense also. Tackled hard and it was good to see his speed make a difference for us around the footy. Had a number of very exciting passages of play."

Samson Ryan (16 disposals, 20 hit-outs, five marks, three goals)

"Once again, Samson was faced with a big test in the ruck against seasoned ruckmen which is great for his development. Fought really hard and was able to hit the scoreboard for us."

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VFL R13: Ryan kicks three

Watch Samson Ryan's highlights from the Round 13 match against Collingwood.

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Matt Bartlett (16 disposals, three tackles, one goal)

"Had a good day for us. Put a lot of pressure on up footy and hit the scoreboard. Could have been even more influential with a little more composure in front of goals but we are really happy with his output.

Angus Hicks (15 disposals, eight tackles, one goal)

"Angus put a mountain of pressure on in the forward half and used the ball really well on offense. He provided a great outlet option, got back to chop out in defence and was composed with ball in hand."

Hugo Ralphsmith (13 disposals, four inside-50s, two goals)

"Hugo was not at his very best on the day but he was very influential in the final quarter. His run and carry stood out. He finished beautifully from the pocket to keep us in the game."

Dylan Cook (10 disposals, five tackles, one goal)

"Whilst his possession count wasn’t high, his tackle pressure was outstanding. Probably attacked the contest too ferociously on a few ground balls, which he will work on, but he is really buying into our program."

Jess McGrath (nine disposals, one mark)

"Made his debut for the club on the weekend. Whilst he naturally was a little unaware of structures, he was very quick to adjust and learn, and he attacked the contest hard."

Jack Scanlon (nine disposals, three marks, two tackles)

"Jack also made his debut and had a couple of sensational contests which highlighted he was not out of place at VFL level. Will benefit greatly from the experience."

Bigoa Nyuon (seven disposals, four tackles, two rebound-50s)

"'Biggy' had a big task with Mason Cox playing up forward. It was a great challenge for him and a good opportunity for him to review his contest work and really grow from the experience."

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VFL R13: Match highlights

Watch the highlights from the Round 13 match against Collingwood.

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Nathan Oakes (six disposals, three marks)

"'Oakesy' didn’t find much of the ball but we love the intensity he brings to the contest. He found himself well out of position on a number of occasions, yet found a way to impact the contest."

Brad Melville (one disposal)

"Brad unfortunately ruptured his ACL in the first quarter. Brad has been a great person around our club and we will rally around him in his recovery."

Liam Wale-Buxton (one disposal)

"Big Bucko unfortunately went down early in the match with a shoulder injury. We wish him well in his recovery."