Trent Cotchin’s magnificent, record, nine-year, 188-game tenure as Richmond’s captain, which came to an end this week, was in stark contrast to what happened on the captaincy front at the Club for a decade, from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s.

During that period of time, the Tigers had nine different captains.

The revolving captaincy door at Tigerland started with champion centre half-forward Royce Hart’s last season of a four-year, dual premiership term as skipper in 1975 and ended with top-class ruckman Mark Lee taking the on-field leadership role in 1985.

Here is the full list of Richmond captains throughout that time frame . . .

1975: Royce Hart

1976-77: Francis Bourke

1978: Kevin Sheedy

1979: Kevin Bartlett

1980: Bruce Monteath (premiership captain)

1981: Bryan Wood

1982: David Cloke (Grand Final captain)

1983-84: Barry Rowlings

1985: Mark Lee

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Thank you captain Cotch

Watch some of Trent Cotchin's finest moments during his time as Richmond captain.

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