Richmond assistant coach Adam Kingsley has revealed how the Tigers players, confined in COVID-19 lockdown like all Melburnians, are turning the time on their hands during the AFL’s off-season into a key football positive.

Unable to take a travelling holiday, the players have opted to do something of a pre-season before the proper pre-season starts.

“The players aren’t back until November 22 . . . so it’s a fair break for them. In particular, this year, given we came off the end of October Grand Final last year and had essentially a five-week pre-season,” Kingsley said on SEN.

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'We're a really strong coaching group' - Kingsley

Richmond assistant coach, Adam Kingsley, chats on SEN during the first week of the 2021 AFL trade period.

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“Players are certainly looking forward to getting back. They’ve still got a bit of time. But, that being said, given the current circumstances in Melbourne with the lockdown, our players have certainly been getting to work . . . They’re permitted to come into the Club to work out.

“We’ve had a large majority of our group in most days, either lifting weights, running, or doing their running sessions together or having a kick of the footy.

“So, we’re certainly well advanced to what we were last year.”

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'It's the first top ten pick we've had since 2012' - Clarke

National recruiting manager, Matthew Clarke, chats to Channel 7 ahead of the 2021 AFL Draft.

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