Robbie Tarrant’s arrival at Tigerland late last week, via a trade from North Melbourne, prompted Tony Greenberg to pick a team of the best Richmond recruits from rival league clubs that he has seen over the course of the past half-century. Here is the formidable line-up he selected, followed by a list of what many of the players chosen achieved throughout their time with the Tigers.

B: Mick Malthouse (ex-St Kilda), Darren Gaspar (ex-Sydney), Michael Gale (ex-Fitzroy)

HB: Leon Cameron (ex-W. Bulldogs), Robert McGhie (ex-Footscray), Bachar Houli (ex-Essendon)

C: Shaun Grigg (ex-Carlton), Ian Stewart (ex-St Kilda), Wayne Walsh (ex-South Melbourne)

HF: Barry Rowlings (ex-Hawthorn), Tom Lynch (ex-Gold Coast), Nathan Brown (ex-W. Bulldogs)

F: Paul Sproule (ex-Essendon), Ricky McLean (ex-Carlton), Ivan Maric (ex-Adelaide)

R: Toby Nankervis (ex-Sydney), Paul Broderick (ex-Fitzroy), Dion Prestia (ex-Gold Coast)

IC: Kane Johnson (ex-Adelaide), Josh Caddy (ex-Geelong), Graham Landy (ex-Geelong), Chris Bond (ex-Carlton)

Richmond premiership players: Houli (2017, 2019, 2020), Nankervis (2017, 2019, 2020), Prestia (2017, 2019, 2020), McGhie (1973, 1974), Walsh (1973, 1974), Lynch (2019, 2020), Sproule (1973, 1974), Caddy (2017, 2019), Malthouse (1980), Grigg (2017), Stewart (1973), Rowlings (1980).

Jack Dyer Medallists: Gaspar (2001), Stewart (1971), Rowlings (1979), Broderick (1996), Prestia (2019), Johnson (2006), Bond (1994).

Club captains: Rowlings (1983-84), Johnson (2005-08).

Brownlow Medallist: Stewart (1971).

Leading goalkicker in a season: Lynch (2019), McLean (1972).