Sport is not exempt from the impact of climate change and Richmond Football Club is now fully committed to action.

The increased prevalence of extreme weather events threatens the well-being of players, the availability of ovals at all levels and by extension the capacity of the game to bring communities together.

If we want future generations to enjoy the sport we love, we need to harness the power of our Club to grow awareness and provide practical opportunities for the Tiger Army to get involved.

Richmond has established an internal working group, REACT (Richmond Environmental Action Team), to ensure the Club does what it can to reduce its own impact, but also use its reach to build broader awareness and encourage action.

As part of this commitment, Richmond remains the only AFL Club to become a signatory to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Initiative. Richmond is also a member of the Sports Environment Alliance. Both these partnerships have linked the Club into global networks to build education and understanding, and ultimately help the Club identify opportunities for change.

“We have much to learn and more to do in this area,” Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said. “While we have taken some steps in the sustainability space, we felt it was important as a Club that this become more effectively embedded in the way we do business.”

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“And importantly we have a whole army of supporters and partners that can help create change – we may only be a very small part of the solution but collectively we can model change and build awareness.

“If Covid has taught us one thing, it is how delicate life can be and we think that brings the sustainability of our planet into even sharper focus.”

The Club has made some important changes in recent times.

•  Richmond utilises grey water from the MCG, that reduces the Club’s water consumption by up to 50%.

•  We have significantly reduced single plastic items, including the removal of water coolers and cups.

•  We have reduced staff uniform orders, equating to a reduction in 150 suits.

•  The Roar Store has stopped using single use plastic bags, with re-usable bags now available for purchase.

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•  The Club installed solar panels on the roof of the Swinburne Centre, generating in reusable energy.

•  All paper products ordered across the business are FSC (Forest Certification System) certified.

•  Membership packs now have less disposable fulfilment items. We also provide members with the opportunity to forgo fulfilment to assist in reducing our carbon footprint.

•  Richmond is fully committed to biodiversity through its continuing partnership with the WWF-Australia and its focus on Tiger conservation.

•  The Club is currently replacing halogen lights with led lights that are 30% more efficient.

•  The Club has undertaken waste and energy audits with subsequent recommendations to be implemented that will reduce energy use and improve recycling. 

Richmond is in the process of developing an Environmental Action Plan that will be shared with members and supporters in the near future.