Trent Cotchin’s relinquishment of the Richmond captaincy has provided the Tigers with a healthy problem, according to the Club’s CEO Brendon Gale.

“We’ve got a dilemma, and it’s a good dilemma,” Gale said.

“There’s no automatic, standout replacement.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been anticipating Trent’s decision and we’ve been working hard to develop the breadth and depth of our leadership at the Club.

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Gale on Latitude partnership and all things footy

Brendon Gale chats to the media about Richmond's ongoing partnership with Latitude and provides an overview of the club as the 2022 pre-season approaches.

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“So, we’ve got a number of different players that could lead this club on-field and do a wonderful job.

“We aren’t in a hurry. We’ve got a process in place, and we’ll work through that.

“But I think the depth gives us the ability to make a really strong decision.”

Gale also dismissed the notion that the so-called premiership window was fast closing at Tigerland following this year’s disappointing 12th-place finish.

“We don’t believe in windows. There’s really no beginning, no end. We’re always trying to get better in everything we do,” he said.

“We’ve been balancing contending while regenerating, in terms of our list management. And Blair Hartley (the Club’s General Manager of Football Talent) has done a wonderful job.

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'Very excited about watching Dustin next year' - Hartley

Richmond General Manager - Football Talent, Blair Hartley, chats on SEN ahead of the close of the 2021 trade period.

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“We go to the draft with a strong hand (five picks inside 30). It’s very exciting . . .

“We spent a lot of time – Damien (Hardwick) and the footy department, particularly – going through the data and analysis, trying to get a sense of why we didn’t perform as well (in 2021),” he said.

“We’ve got a handle on that. Next part is how we’re going to change and respond. I feel very confident that we’ll respond in 2022.

“Dimma’s got a real thirst for knowledge and improvement.

“He’ll be rested and very driven, like the players, for success going forward.”