Get the latest Pilot Medical Update ahead of Saturday's Round 8 match against Collingwood at the MCG.


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Pilot medical update: Martin, Prestia, Pickett, Ralphsmith, Dow

Get the latest Pilot Medical Update ahead of Saturday afternoon's Round 8 match against Collingwood at the MCG

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Dion Prestia, ankle/Achilles/illness

"Dion had a couple of things going on the other night. There was a bit of an issue with his ankle and his Achilles and his lower calf as well, obviously all linked. Halfway through the game, he reported this to our medical team and we made the decision to sub him out of the game. And he's actually crook today (Tuesday), he's at home, so we haven't had a chance to have a look at him on the track. We have our main training session this week on Thursday so we'll assess him then to see where he's at, see if he can do some running or can participate in any skill work, so we'll have an update after training on Thursday."

Dustin Martin, personal leave

"Dustin's been training with us now for a week-and-a-half. Last Friday, he completed quite a big session out here with the other guys who didn't have a game last week and he did a huge workload in terms of total kilometres, some intensity, some handball games, real match simulation type training. And he trained today with us as well. He's looking really good to potentially be available for selection this week. We've got another main session on Thursday and all being great in that, then I'd anticipate he would be up for selection."

Marlion Pickett, hamstring/personal leave

"Marlion had a bit of a hamstring issue after the Adelaide Crows game which was two weeks ago, which had settled reasonably well. Then Marlion also took some personal time and got back to Perth last week, he hadn't been back in Perth since late 2020 with all the restrictions. He didn't play in the game last week but he had a really good session today (Tuesday) and he's going to resume with the group on Thursday in our main training session and we'll make a call on selection after that, but it's looking promising at this stage." 

Hugo Ralphsmith, ribs

"Hugo's going really well. He's done all of our training the last few weeks, albeit non-contact. Today, we did a little bit of work with him around the contact side of things which didn't go too badly, but we need to probably have another look at it again on Thursday with full contact in our drills. At this stage, it's a little bit of a questionable one for us, we've got to make a decision after Thursday as to whether we move forward into match play on the weekend or whether we take another week, so we'll wait and see."

Tom Brown, calf cork

"Tom was dealing with a significant calf cork and we had the VFL bye last week which gave him some extra time to recover from that. He resumed training today and he'll be in with the group on Thursday for main training, so I expect he'll be playing on the weekend."

Thomson Dow, quad cork

"Thomson was pretty close (last weekend). If we go back two weeks ago to a significant corkie from the Adelaide game, and with the five-day turnaround into the Melbourne game, he didn't quite have enough time to recover. And just with that corkie on top of previously corkie the week before, it was just a safer option with a younger player to miss last week. He actually trained last Friday with Dustin and the rest of the guys and did quite well, but he is a little bit restricted still. He trained today, he'll train again on Thursday and be available this week."

Samson Ryan, Achilles

"'Samson has a little bit of Achilles tendonitis. We had the bye last week from the VFL which certainly helped settle that, but we've just taken the safe often to miss a game this week, given he's one of those bigger games and plays pretty big game time playing in the ruck at VFL level. He's still in a developmental phase in his career and the safe option is to make sure we get this right and don't have a lingering Achilles issue. He felt good today so I'd say next week we'd be making a decision on his availability."

Richmond Injury List:


Thomson Dow – Quad cork

Marlion Pickett – Hamstring / Personal leave

Tom Brown – Calf cork

Dustin Martin – Personal leave


Hugo Ralphsmith – Ribs

Dion Prestia – Ankle / Achilles / illness


Samson Ryan – Achilles – Short-term

Josh Caddy – Hamstring – Medium-term