Richmond is proud to release its 2023 Dreamtime at the 'G jumper, designed by assistant coach Xavier Clarke and his family.

Clarke, a proud and respected Larrakia and Amrreamo/Marritjavin man, worked with the Club's official apparel partner PUMA on the predominantly yellow design, Richmond's 13th Dreamtime jumper.


The artwork on the sash is from an original painting from Xavier’s uncle Timothy Dumoo, it depicts a Wangka (dance) from Clarke's people, the Marri Ammu Marri Tjevin clan of the Moyle River floodplains.

The Wangka tells the story of Elders calling out to their ancestors to protect and guide people while on Country. It represents looking after each other and looking after family.

Clarke said since first becoming involved with Richmond in 2017, he had found a similar trait, particularly between teammates. To depict this, the design includes 42 Merrepen leaves representing each player on the list.

In Clarke's family's culture, the Merrepen leaf is used to make woven dilly bags, fishing nets, and other fibre-craft products. Like a bond between football players, the leaves, when connected, can create something strong.

The design further includes a Dugong image outside the sash- representing the Larrakia totem of Clarke's great, great grandmother's side- highlighting a strong family link to the sea surrounding Darwin.

Clarke said it was a privilege to be able to design the jumper.

"I have two girls at home, and Zena is now four. She was pretty excited last year that Marlion (Pickett) designed the jumper, and she got to wear one, and she is even more excited this year that I have been able to design it, and she gets to wear that as well.

"That probably makes me prouder than anything, but also probably looking back in a few years, no doubt."

Clarke, a former 106-game AFL player with St Kilda and Brisbane (2002-2011), said he had always envied Richmond and Essendon players for the opportunity to be a part of an occasion like Dreamtime at the 'G.

"Unfortunately, at that time, it did not get to the point where every team was celebrating the round," he added.

"Looking at it now and where it has come from, I think it has been a great initiative by the football club, and it is probably more so a credit to every football club to be able to take hold of it and carry it to where it is now.

"The growth of it has just been phenomenal, and the ability to bring the community together is also our big win.

"The recognition and celebration of what the game means to everyone but more, in particular, First Nations people and what it has done.

"It is a platform for change in a lot of ways, and the most exciting players generally are the multicultural players and players of a diverse background, so for this week to be an opportunity for us to celebrate what is so great about the game and also the opportunities and pathways it creates for First Nations people and also what the Indigenous players can do for the game- that is quite exciting."

Richmond will meet Essendon in the annual Dreamtime at the ‘G match on May 20.