To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Richmond’s 1973 premiership, we have been transporting Tiger fans back in time throughout 2023 to relive that glorious Yellow and Black year. After the ’73 season, there was still some interesting news coming out of Punt Road. Here is an article in The Age newspaper by Peter McFarline about star ruckman Michael Green’s playing future with the Tigers.

Mike Green, the Richmond ruckman who came back to championship status, may not be playing football next year.

Green, 25, said last night he would not make a decision about playing football until the start of next year’s practice matches.

“Work commitments will determine whether I play again,” solicitor Green said.

He is in law partnership in the city.

“If the work load appears to be increasing late in January, I’ll give it away.”

Green, who missed the 1972 season because of “lack of interest” came back to football this year and played an important part in the Tigers’ Grand Final victory.

“The interest is back – I’m as enthusiastic as I could be. But I realise that my work and family demands come first,” he said.

“I’m doing plenty of summer training – running, swimming and gym work so if I do decide to play I’ll be reasonably fit.

“I enjoyed this year. For most of it. I trained with the team only one day a week but towards the end of the season I was training twice a week with other players.

“With this training, I’m just keeping my options open.

“If I do decide to play, I won’t be that far behind the others. I have told Richmond my position, and the club understands.”