The latest figures and updates from Tiger and anti-poaching efforts from July to September, 2023. 

- 22 patrol teams

- A total of 1,188 patrol days were conducted from July until September (406 in July, 354 in August and 428 in September) 

- 4,985 km covered by foot patrols

*Patrol Days Calculation for reference : 1 tiger patrol team x 15 patrol days per month = 15 patrol days 
(Figures above calculated with total patrol of 22 teams)

4,985 km covered by foot patrols.

Patrol Teams looking for signs of tigers in Plantations in Dala, Perak to prevent human-wildlife conflict.

Meeting with community leaders, teachers and plantation workers in Malaysia to better mitigate human - wildlife conflict.

Latest photo of tiger through camera trap - September 2023. 

Images provided © WWF-Malaysia