Richmond ruck coach Ivan Maric is impressed by the discipline the Tigers' ruckmen have displayed in the lead up to the 2024 season.

Speaking on Richmond Media's Our Four Walls, Maric said the group had attacked the pre-season with vigour, while showing "humility and care for each other as well". 

"Things like being the first in the Club, first out to the track, first in the gym and last one out," Maric said.

"Just doing all the little extra things really well, as well as preparing professionally.


"It's been good, it's been super competitive. But, every time we compete on the training track, we make sure we come together and get another each other and celebrate and give feedback to one another.

"I'm really proud of the guys, they've created that by themselves, it's really good.

"I'm looking forward to the times when they're going to get challenged (in 2024) and go through adversity and how they stand up as strong men on and off the field."

Maric also provided an update on the members of the Tigers' ruck department.

"Toby Nankervis' going good. We've been really cautious and sensible with him and eased him into training. He's back full training which is exciting, He's fit and ready to go."

"Sam Naismith's going really good, he's been able to get his body in really good shape. He's training hard and backing up session after session, so it's been exciting. He's a big, athletic guy and he's enthusiastic about his opportunity."

"I think he debuted against me, so he's been around for a while. He's got plenty of experience and he's been through a hell of a lot. So, he's really resilient and we're really excited that he's at the Richmond Football Club because he's going to add a lot, and he already has added a lot, to the team and the culture."


"Samson Ryan earned a lot of trust last year, it was great. I always believed he had that in him, and I believe he has so much more to show the whole football world. I'm really excited about his season coming up. He's put on a bit more bulk which is going to be good for him, and he's really working hard. He's such a professional when it comes to preparing for training and playing."

"Mate Colina is training really well. His running is something I've never seen before from a guy that big, or any ruckman really. He's working really hard on his craft, his marking and his kicking which still has plenty of room for growth, but he's going good... Being such a big guy, he'll be really good in the ruck, but his running power is just incredible, so it's going to be quite hard for opposition players to keep up with him.

"Oliver Hayes-Brown has worked really hard, just like Mate. We've got a good group of rucks with high standards, so they're really pushing each other along, and Ollie's done that. He's trimmed down, he's running a lot better, working on his craft, his marking and his kicking, spending a heap of time on that. His pre-season has gone really well."