Richmond VFL coach Steve Morris provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday's Round 2 win over the Sydney Swans at the Swinburne Centre.

Kane McAuliffe (30 disposals, 17 contested possessions, six inside-50s, eight clearances, eight tackles)

“Had another really good day at the office. Probably wasn't quite as damaging as he has been by foot of late, which is usually a strength. But he had a game-high eight tackles and consistently won the footy for us on the day. He’s in great form.”

Chad Harris (24 disposals, 83% disposal efficiency, nine rebound-50s, six marks)

“He's been a real general for us down back since moving back to the footy club. He's using the ball beautifully by foot and continues to win the ball back for us with a game-high nine intercept possessions.”

Lachlan Street (23 disposals, 83% disposal efficiency, three marks, three rebound-50s)

“Leading the way beautifully. His leadership has been outstanding this season. I still feel as though he can find another gear in his performance, but he's made a really solid start to the season for us.”


Lachlan Wilson (22 disposals, 13 contested possessions 77% disposal efficiency, seven clearances, four tackles)

“He's been a real find for the footy club. Debuted last week up on the Gold Coast and once again, led the way inside. He had seven clearances, and he's a really smart player around the footy who's making a big difference for us both on offence and defence.”

Austin Johnson (20 disposals, 80% disposal efficiency, three inside-50s, three tackles, one goal)

“He's in fantastic form. He kicked another beautiful goal on the weekend, and he just knows our structures inside and out as well as our system. He's made a fantastic start to the season.”

Kaleb Smith (20 disposals, 80% disposals efficiency, five marks, four rebound-50s)

“Absolutely pumped for Kaleb. He's missed a lot of footy over the last couple of seasons and he played his best game for the footy club on the weekend. He's put in a lot of work behind the scenes and his game is definitely coming together nicely.”

Sam Naismith (19 disposals, 13 contested possessions, 17 hit-outs, eight marks, five tackles, two goals)

“Another dominant performance by Sam. I thought he teamed up really well with Samson (Ryan), both up forward and around the ground. He kicked a couple of really important goals for us and I thought his contest and leadership around the ground was paramount.”

Mutaz El Nour (17 disposals, three marks, eight tackles, four rebound-50s)

“Mutaz is in really good form. He is one of the best defenders in the league at the moment. He had an equal game-high eight tackles along with Kane, and I thought he saved us so many times behind the footy against opponents that were much bigger and taller than him. We're very lucky to have Mutaz at our footy club, and he would be unlucky to not be playing in the state game for Victoria against South Australia this week.”

Matthew Coulthard (16 disposals, five marks, two tackles)

“I thought ‘Matty’ had another really good game. He probably could have hit the scoreboard harder, had we utilised the footy a little bit more efficiently up the field. But, he got himself into some great positions and I think it's a really good stepping stone for him to move forward from.”

Liam George (15 disposals, three rebound-50s, one goal)

“It was Liam George’s debut game on the weekend, and he was outstanding. We saw some things that we really liked, his contest work was great, and I thought he looked calm and composed with footy in hand and kicked a beautiful goal with his first kick in VFL footy.”

Nick Guiney (15 disposals, five rebound-50s, three tackles)

“He's a really solid citizen for us and was again, very important for us down back. He was part of a back six or seven that was able to thwart 61 entries, and he's in some really good form.”

Steely Green (14 disposals, six marks, one goal)

“I thought it was a much-improved output from Steely. He's been consistently running the right patterns and doing the hard work, but I thought he got a little bit more reward on the weekend and I'm really enjoying the attitude he's bringing to his football.”

Will Bravo (14 disposals, three tackles)

“Will did a solid job for us, given he copped a really heavy knock early in the game and we needed him out there. He was able to battle away despite the knock that he copped and still influenced the game.”

Jacob Koschitzke (12 disposals, seven marks, three inside-50s)

“He had a much-improved game. I feel as though he's very close to breaking a game open. He had plenty of opportunities in front of goals, he probably just didn't convert those opportunities. But I'm sure they'll come.”

Mohammed Yassine (12 disposals, seven contested possessions, five inside-50s, one goal)

“He was again ferocious in his pressure around the ground and his speed really stood out once again. He took the ball inside 50 on five occasions and kicked a beautiful goal on the run.”

Nick Girolami (12 disposals, nine contested possessions, five tackles, three rebound-50s)

“He had another really solid game. His game has improved immensely over the past few weeks. His body work and his attention to detail on his opposition forward has been fantastic and really looking forward to seeing him continue to progress in the coming weeks.”

Cam Olden (10 disposals, seven contested possessions, 80% disposal efficiency, four inside-50s, four tackles, two goals)

“I thought he had a big influence on the game despite low-ish numbers. He kicked a couple of goals and some of his contest work was really solid for us. I thought he was really important.”

Samson Ryan (10 disposals, four marks, three tackles, 16 hit-outs, three goals)

“As I mentioned earlier, he teamed up really well with Sam Naismith. Samson hit the scoreboard heavily kicking a match-high three goals, and I thought he looked dangerous all day."

Hugo Ralphsmith (nine disposals, 89% disposal efficiency, one goal)

“Hugo only played a half, but I thought his half was really solid. He finished the half with nine possessions but used the ball extremely well and was able to hit the scoreboard from half-back. Hugo's in super form and the way he has approached his footy lately is a real credit to him.”


Jed Feneley (nine disposals, five contested possessions, five marks, three rebound-50s)

“We're seeing some really exciting signs from Jed. He has continued to take steps forward each and every outing, and I thought his aerial game on the weekend was a real highlight, playing against forwards as an undersized defender and really matching it with them.”

Joel Garner (eight disposals, six contested possessions)

“Joel had a super start to his career in the Yellow and Black. Unfortunately, he copped quite a heavy knock to the head in the second quarter and unfortunately took no further part. We will be missing him for the next couple of weeks.”

Noah Cumberland (six disposals, two inside-50s)

“Probably not Noah's best day at the office. He had a couple of moments where he looked like he was going to tear the game apart and won some really important contests for us, but his finishing touch probably let him down. I'm looking forward to seeing him bounce back, as we know the quality of player that Noah is.”

Archie May (four disposals, one mark, two hit-outs, one goal)

“Archie is a young forward who is still learning his craft, but I thought he had a couple of really important aerial contests which he was able to have when outnumbered. He kicked a really good goal at ground level early on in the game.”