Richmond’s joint major partner Latitude provided a memorable moment for the mother of the one of the Club’s favourite sons at the MCG on Saturday night.

Stef Maric, the mother of Ivan, has watched Richmond since her son was traded to the Club ahead of the 2012 AFL season.

Maric went on to play six years with the Tigers before transitioning into an off-field role that he has maintained ever since.

For Mother’s Day, Latitude gave Stef the chance to be closer than ever to the action, by tossing the coin prior to the match against the Western Bulldogs.

“We are extremely proud of what Ivan has achieved as a player and as a person,” Stef said.

“Whenever we introduce ourselves to a young player at the club, the reaction is always joy and endless compliments of how great Ivan is at his job.

“To get the chance to stand in the middle of the MCG, like he was able to for the Tigers so many times was very special. I thank Latitude for that.”

Ivan Maric added that his time at the Club had strengthened his relationship with his family.

“The Richmond Football club has been truly incredible to me and my family,” he said.

“I can’t put it into words how much love the club has given me with support and care, and it is an organisation that has made me realise is how lucky I am to have such a beautiful family.”

Maric said he was thrilled that his mum was able to have a memorable opportunity to be on the MCG to celebrate Mother’s Day.

“Mum has always made me feel comfortable in sharing my honest feelings and emotions when going through times of adversity…. And I always feel like she helped to guide me in the right direction,” he said.

“She has taught me over the years how powerful (it is to have a positive) outlook on life or a particular scenario that life throws at you… and that I have the power to control it and see the good in everyone and everything.”

Latitude Spokesperson added that as partners in money, Latitude was present for life (and footy’s) moments, big and small.

“We know there are no better moments than those that happen with our beloved footy team,” they said.

“This year, as Presenting Partners on the eve of Mother’s Day, we had a great opportunity to acknowledge all the moments our Mums are here for us by awarding coin toss duties to a great Tiger mum.

“Stef Maric is a terrific Tiger mum, who’s impact on her son and his outlook on life has radiated through the group and will continue to for years to come in his role in Player Development.

“We hope Stef had a great moment on the MCG! She deserved it!”