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VFL Report: Round 19

VFL R19: Ferguson post-match VFL backline and development coach, Ryan Ferguson, speaks to Roar Vision following the Round 19 game against Williamstown.

VFL Backline and Development coach, Ryan Ferguson provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 19 loss to Williamstown at the Swinburne Centre, Punt Road Oval.

Anthony Miles
29 disposals, six marks, four tackles, four clearances, one goal.

“Had a good battle in the middle, our best clearance winner, along with Brandon Wood.”

Corey Ellis
26 disposals, nine marks, four tackles, six rebound-50s.

“One of our best, intercepted and rebounded off half-back.”

Reece Conca
19 disposals, seven tackles, four clearances. 

“Great to see him back out there. He hurt his other ankle, but hopefully not too bad.”

Connor Menadue
19 disposals, eight marks, five inside-50s. 

“Solid but didn’t impact the game as much as he usually does.”

Sam Lloyd
16 disposals, 12 tackles, eight contested possessions, four marks. 

“Not as dominant as he usually is at this level.”

Liam Baker
15 disposals, two marks, two clearances, four insde-50s.

“A quiet day.”

Tyson Stengle
13 disposals, three marks, four tackles, five inside-50s, one goal.

“Back from injury but didn’t have much impact.”

Patrick Naish
13 disposals, four marks, four tackles, three inside-50s.

“Had a few moments.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith
10 disposals, five marks, four tackles, four rebound-50s.

“Played the second half and it was great to see him out there for the first time this year. Added plenty of run and penetrating disposal.”

Callum Coleman-Jones
46 hit-outs, nine disposals, six tackles, one goal.

“Learning a lot about his ruck craft. He played on a smaller, mobile ruck(man) this week.”

Ryan Garthwaite
Nine disposals, six contested possessions, two rebound-50s.

“Good battle on a quality player in Sam Dunnell.”

Ben Miller
Eight disposals, five contested possessions, two rebound-50s.

“Stood firm down back, competed well in the air and neutralised a lot of aerial contests.”

Callum Moore
Nine hit-outs, six disposals, six contested possessions, three tackles, one goal.

“Plenty of almost moments but wasn’t able to stick his marks.”

Brandon Wood
19 disposals, 11 contested possessions, four tackles, six clearances.

“Won contested ball and clearances.”

Daniel Coffield
17 disposals, four marks, three rebound-50s.

“Neutralised and won plenty of aerial contests and provided run, which is something he’s added to his game this year.”

Jacob Ballard
16 disposals, five marks, five tackles, three goals.

“One of our best, impacted up forward with three goals and then also went into the ruck with good effect.”

Blake Grewar
15 disposals, three tackles, two clearances, four inside-50s.

“Battled hard against some quality ‘mids’.”

Tom Silvestro
14 disposals, three marks, four clearances.

“Not as dominant as he has been for much of the season but tried his guts out.”

Jake Aarts
13 disposals, five inside-50s, one goal.

“Lively and elusive again. He didn’t have a lot of clean looks, but still made something out of nothing at times.”

Connor Riley
12 disposals, five clearances, two rebound-50s.

“Had a role on (Blake) Bewley and did okay.” 

Ryan Bathie
11 hit-outs Nine disposals, three marks, two goals.

“Looked dangerous early but faded as the game wore on.”

Joel Ernest
Seven disposals, four tackles, two rebound-50s. 

“Has been great for us this season—a real find but didn’t have his best day on Saturday.”

Shaun Mannagh
Five disposals, three marks, seven tackles, one goal.

“Had a quiet day.”