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Round 1 injury update

Injury update: Lynch, Caddy, Grigg, Castagna Richmond's Physical Performance Manager, Peter Burge, provides Roar Vision with an update on Tom Lynch, Josh Caddy, Shaun Grigg, Jason Castagna, Ryan Garthwaite and Jacob Townsend.

Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides ‘Roar Vision’ with an update on the injury status of several members of the Tigers’ playing group ahead of the season opener against Carlton next Thursday next.

Tom Lynch, PCL

"Tom’s been full-training with the group now for probably nearly two weeks. He’s been in the skills program now for about five or six weeks. He’s going fantastically well, even in the session yesterday he looked pretty good. It’s a long-term injury so we’re obviously taking a very measured approach but he is getting closer. That’s going to be a decision between the medical, coaching and fitness team but hopefully over the next week we’ll be able to enlighten some people with that news."

Josh Caddy, ankle

"Josh has resumed running and he’s feeling really good. He missed nearly three weeks where he wasn’t able to do any running, so we probably have to extend the timeframe a little bit with reconditioning and then back into the football program, so he’s probably about a week away from resuming some skill work and then we have to make an assessment about what that looks like with match play."

Jason Castagna, ankle

"George has been back in full skills now for two weeks. We’re looking next week at playing some game time, most likely through the VFL. He’s ready for some game time next week."

Shaun Grigg, knee

"Grigga’s injury has been a little bit vague. We've had a little bit of progress this week. He’s had four or five scans in the last couple of weeks to work out what the program is and we seem to have narrowed it down. He’s had some treatment this week which he responded really well to. He’s been running for the last five weeks or so but we just haven’t been able to train at a high intensity. But we think now in the next week we might be able to progress that."

Ryan Garthwaite, Achilles

"Garthy missed quite a bit of pre-season football training, he’s been conditioning for a while, he had an Achilles tendonitis issue which is resolved now. He’s been training with the main group for three to four weeks, and we’ll probably see him play some game time next week through the VFL which is exciting for him but we’ll take a cautious approach over those first couple of weeks with his game time and build him up slowly."

Jacob Townsend, thigh

"Jacob has had an interrupted preparation. He had a little bit of participation with the group before Christmas, so he had that interruption January/February with the stress reaction in his femur but he’s been training with the main group for about two to three weeks now, he’ll play some game time through the VFL next week, he’s excited about that."


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