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VFL Report: Round 10

VFL R10: McRae post-match Richmond VFL senior coach, Craig McRae, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 10 win over Geelong.

VFL and development coach, Craig McRae, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 10 win over Geelong at the Swinburne Centre.

Fraser Turner

26 disposals, six clearances, one goal, three inside-50s & two rebound-50s

“Continues to accumulate possessions at this level. Played through the wing and even a little bit of inside midfield during the last quarter—five clearances, kicked a goal. He’s a really nice player in the making for us.”

Shai Bolton

25 disposals, 11 tackles, nine clearances & one goal

“Returned from the AFL, played inside midfield and was really pleasing for him to come back and influence the game, both offensively and defensively. He kicked a goal, but his 11 tackles was a feature, 16 contested possessions of his 25. He looks ready to bounce back to AFL level.”

Mav Weller

22 disposals, seven tackles, eight clearances & four rebound-50s

“Continues to play good football as an inside midfielder for us…hard at it, hard to play against and his strong body around the contest had a significant impact for us. He had a great game.”

Nathan Broad

19 disposals, six spoils & four rebound-50s

“Returned from the AFL and got 19 disposals as a defender. Six spoils was a stand-out, and his four rebound-50s. His contest stuff looked strong as well, so it was a pleasing return to VFL footy.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

16 disposals, nine marks, four tackles & six rebound-50s

“Continued his good form with 16 disposals. Used the ball really well and had six rebound-50s. His contest work also stood out. Another player in good form.”

Connor Menadue

15 disposals, six marks, four tackles & six handball receives

“Played through the wing and a bit off half-back. Was really influential in his leadership and his directing, he’s playing his role really well, he’s playing really good footy for us.”

Mabior Chol

15 disposals, 22 hit-outs, five clearances, six tackles & two goals

“Took on the reins as No.1 ruck. He had a big ask against four ruckmen in the opposition team, and ‘Marbs’ was going at it by himself. He was outstanding, he had 15 disposals, five clearances and kicked two goals. When he plays like that he looks like an AFL player, and what he brought was really important in the end result.”

Oleg Markov

13 disposals, six marks, three tackles & four rebound-50s

“Got better as the game wore on as he returned from illness. He started to really express himself on the ground with his run-and-carry and bounce. I love it when he plays like that, so that was pleasing to see.”

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Jake Aarts

13 disposals, four marks, five tackles, three inside-50s & one goal

“Played as a forward and had multiple opportunities to kick goals in the second quarter. He ended up with 1.2 and kicked one (goal) on the siren. His contest stuff really stood out, and he had 13 disposals and five tackles which was a really good performance from Jake.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

Eight disposals, three marks, two tackles, three inside-50s & two rebound-50s

“He had to play a bit more forward this week. He came into the game with a bit of illness and fought really hard for us.”

James Fletcher

22 disposals, four tackles & three rebound-50s

“Played through the wing and half-back, a great role player for us. His 21 disposals is a season high for him. He’s really starting to play to his strengths and get reward for a lot of hard work on the track.”

Chad Harris

21 disposals, five marks, four inside-50s & four rebound-50s

“A young 23rd player, he looked a really exciting type for us. He’s strong at the ball and is able to win his one-on-ones, is really aggressive in the contest and uses the ball well. He looked a real player in the making with his 21 disposals.”

Hugh Beasley

14 disposals, five spoils & five marks

“His pressure around the contest and his spoiling and bringing the ball to ground, and his ‘never be beaten’ attitude, really stands us in good stead. It was a great game from him.”

Lachlan Street

14 disposals, five marks, three clearances & four inside-50s

“He played more as a forward this week with a little bit of inside (midfield). We’re flexible to do that because we needed some height in our forward line and he provided that. It’s his ground-level stuff and his decision making which are his standout features.”

Blake Grewar

13 disposals, five marks, five tackles, four inside-50s & two goals

“Really tough, 13 disposals, kicked two great goals for us. I love it when he plays tough, and his tackling was a standout for us. Particularly in the last quarter when the game was on the line, he led the team.”

Dan Coffield

11 disposals, six marks, four spoils & four rebound-50s

“Playing terrific football for us, intercept marking, really winning the ball back in one-on-one contests and then using (the ball) really well. Loving the way ‘Coffs’ is playing at the moment.”

Jacob Ballard

10 disposals, two tackles & one clearance

“He led from the front. He had to play as a key position forward which takes away sometimes from his ability to hunt the ball, but he continued to just turn up for us. He was really important going into the midfield and chasing the contest.”

Shaun Mannagh

Nine disposals, three marks, four tackles & one goal

“Playing his role well, he finished with one goal and was really important. He’s coming to terms with a lower possession rate than when he plays locally, but he’s impacting the game in the role he play, something we really take pride in.”

Tom Silvestro

Eight disposals, two tackles & three inside-50s

“One of the heart and soul players of our team. He just continues to get to contests, and played a different role in our wing set-up. He was really important in the victory by playing his role.”

Charlie Thompson

Seven disposals, two tackles & two spoils

“He played as a small forward, he just needs to get to the front of the contest and hunt the ball and chase and tackle. He’s getting better at doing that every week.”

Luke Nelson

Seven disposals, five goals, four marks & four inside-50s

“A young player in only his second game. We saw in the pre-season what he’s capable of and today, anything that got near him either in the air or on the ground, he capitalised on. He finished the game with five goals and he’s a really lively, 'hard to play against' type player. We’ve found a player there.”

Billy Coates

Seven disposals, four tackles, seven hit-outs and three spoils

“Played second ruck/key position, and just fought his heart out for us. As we always get from Bill, his contest was really strong. He was never out-marked, brought the ball to ground, and got the game on our terms.”

Joel Cusack

Two disposals, two tackles & one inside-50

“He came in for his first game for the year. He had opportunities to bring the ball to ground, and really played his role well. We really valued what he did for us.”