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VFL Report: Round 11

VFL R11: McRae post-match Richmond's VFL senior coach, Craig McRae, chats to Richmond Media following the Round 11 win over Coburg.

VFL and development coach, Craig McRae, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 11 win over Coburg at Holm Park Reserve, Beaconsfield.

Shai Bolton

36 disposals, one goal & five tackles

“Continued his outstanding form. He’s had 36 disposals, nine clearances, 12 inside-50s and a goal, including five tackles. He’s playing outstanding football at this level and looks way above the level at the moment and looks ready for AFL opportunities when they present.”

Mav Weller

28 disposals, two goals & nine tackles

“Continues his great form as well—28 disposals, kicked two goals, had nine tackles. He’s playing above the level with his leadership and toughness around the ball. He had another great game.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

23 disposals, two goals & four tackles

“Played his best game for the season at this level, 23 disposals, eight clearances and kicked two goals himself. He’s really invested in the team and he got rewarded on the day. It was a great performance.”

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Riley’s first in the Yellow & Black! 🐯 #gotiges

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Jake Aarts

22 disposals & two tackles

“Played in multiple roles, including wing and midfield to just give him some more growth and opportunities in those areas. He ended up with 22 disposals with his customary contest wins.”

Jacob Townsend

21 disposals, five goals, nine marks & three tackles

“Played more forward this week and a little bit in the midfield as well. It was pleasing that he got on the end of a few, he kicked five goals on the day. His toughness around the ball and his aerial contests were a real feature. It was a pleasing result from him.”

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Five goals to Towner as we trump Coburg by 84 points 👏🐯 #gotiges

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Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

20 disposals, five marks & two tackles

“He set the game up off half-back. He was really dynamic in his defensive run and using the ball. He’s a real rebound-50 player for us and he’s setting the game up well.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

19 disposals, 29 hit-outs, six marks & one goal

“19 disposals as the key ruck, 29 hit-outs and kicked a goal as well, he was coming off missing last week and didn’t look like he missed anything. He dominated the aerial contest.”

Oleg Markov

15 disposals, six marks & one tackle

“Played across half-back where his intercept marking stood-out. His running and carrying the ball was also a feature.”

Blake Grewar

20 disposals, five marks & four tackles

“Playing good footy, his last three weeks have been outstanding—20 disposals, setting up the game playing mainly forward, but a bit of everywhere to be honest. He’s playing his role really well and showing all of his strengths.”

Shaun Mannagh

18 disposals, five marks & two tackles

“Played his best game for the year. He’s starting to look like every week that he’s more in-tune with other players on the field and he played his role extremely well.”

Jacob Ballard

17 disposals, two goals, four marks & two tackles

“Played mainly forward this week, was in doubt to play and it was a really great effort to get up and play. He kicked two goals and looked really dangerous when the game was on the line.”

James Fletcher

17 disposals, six marks & three tackles

“Continued his good form from last week. Finished with 17 disposals off half-back and the wing. He’s really playing tough at the moment for us.”

Tom Silvestro

17 disposals & two tackles

“He played through the wing this week, he’s been playing forward for us. He finished with 17 disposals, his help-side running and his ability to get back and help the backline out was a real feature. We love what he brings to the table.”

Chad Harris

16 disposals, nine marks & three tackles

“We’ve found a real nice player here off half-back. He’s really tough in the contest, he sets the ground up really well and wins his one-on-ones. He looks a player of the future.”

Hugh Beasley

15 disposals, five marks & one tackle

“Customary hard to play on, defensive one-on-one and a really strong body. He sets up the ground really well for us defensively and a strong leader on the field. He had a terrific game with 15 disposals.”

Charlie Thompson

15 disposals, three marks & three tackles

“Most disposals he’s had in a number of weeks. He started to really get his hands on the ball, particularly after halftime. He set-up a couple of goals from his hard work.”

Dan Coffield

13 disposals & nine marks

“Leading from the front, five rebound-50s amongst his 14 disposals. Just his ability to mark the ball, having nine of those (marks) and leading the team shows he’s playing to his strengths.”

Lachlan Street

12 disposals, one goal & two tackles

“Played forward early and went back late and ended up kicking a goal but it was his work down back in the last quarter what really gave us an eye to the future too. It was a terrific game from him.”

Luke Nelson

11 disposals, three goals & two tackles

“Continues his good form and understanding our system. His third game now, he finds a way to score, three goals from his 11 disposals. He looks ready made to play the Richmond way.”

Brenton Credlin

10 disposals & five marks

“Came back into the team after missing a week. Looked hard to play on as a defender and then we put him forward in the last quarter and he got his first goal, which was really pleasing to see him do. He’s a great role player for us.”

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Credds creeps forward and kicks his first for the Y&B! 🐯❤️ #gotiges

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Bailey Lambert

10 disposals, three marks & three tackles

“Came in as the 23rd player, played midfield for the first half and then forward for the second, good for his growth to be able to play multiple roles and looks capable of playing at the level and playing many more games for us.”

Billy Coates

Eight disposals, eight hit-outs & three tackles

“Continues to play his role as a forward and in the ruck and we love what he brings to the table every week.”

Reuben Hayward

Eight disposals & three tackles

“Came in for his first game for the year and I really loved what he did, Reuben with his defensive stuff and setting the ground up. He looked really in-tune with everyone else and he hadn’t played much, so that was credit to him.”

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Heading into the bye with style 🐯🎶 #gotiges

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