VFL and development coach Craig McRae provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 18 win over Casey.

Fraser Turner

26 disposals, 15 handball receives, seven marks, three inside-50s & four rebound-50s

“Returned after being out for about six weeks and he was straight back into the way he was playing before he went out. Had 26 disposals, he’s just an accumulator of possessions. They were mostly uncontested with a lot of handball receives, he can find the football. It was great to have him back.”

Patrick Naish

26 disposals, 10 handball receives, nine marks, four inside-50s & two rebound-50s

“Played through the wings, high possessions again with 26, 20 uncontested, and was setting the game up from the back half. His use of the ball off half-back is really important in helping us set up. Another good game.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

22 disposals, six marks, five tackles, four spoils, three inside-50s & seven rebound-50s

“Had dash across half-back and was composed. Had seven rebound-50s of his 22 disposals, he was the one that was getting the ball out and using it really well for us, along with five tackles. I really enjoyed his game, it was above the level.”

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Toby Nankervis

21 disposals, 34-hit-outs, one goal, five clearances, seven marks (three contested) & four tackles

“Played three quarters of the game this week, or slightly more than that, and got through. Had 21 disposals and 34 hit-outs, four tackles and kicked a goal. He looks ready to put himself up there to play AFL footy again.”

Mav Weller

20 disposals, six tackles, six clearances & three inside-50s

“Played forward and a bit of midfield and just competed really well for us. Was a really strong body in there, leading the team with six tackles.”

Marlion Pickett

20 disposals, one goal, seven handball receives, three tackles & four clearances

Played his first game for the footy club, probably 80% game time, and had 20 disposals. He looked really clean at ground level, he used the ball really smartly, was composed in traffic and kicked a really nice goal. It was great to see him in Richmond colours.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

19 disposals, 17 hit-outs, one goal, nine marks (four contested), four tackles & two clearances

“He's playing career-best footy, playing above the level as a ruck/forward. He was pinch-hitting in the ruck when ‘Nank’ (Toby Nankervis) was off the ground. It’s just his cleanliness in the air and at ground level, he had nine marks of which four were contested. He’s a really nice player in the making for us and kicked a nice goal late in the game.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

17 disposals, six handball receives, three tackles & five clearances

“Playing midfield, he had 17 disposals which was one of his higher disposal games in a number of weeks. He looked tough in the contest, really strong and physical. I really enjoyed his game with his five clearances, which led the team.”

Kamdyn McIntosh

16 disposals, seven marks, five spoils & five inside-50s

“Played across half-back and a little bit on the wing late. His contest was strong. He was a bit ill 48 hours before the game so it was a really good effort to get up and play and not just play but play well, five spoils led the team.”

Noah Balta

14 disposals, seven handball receives, four marks, two tackles, three inside-50s & three rebound-50s

“Played back, with a little bit of ruck and also through the midfield. He looked really sound defensively and offensively he turned the ball over a little more than we’d like but it’s a work in progress.”

Jake Aarts

14 disposals, eight marks (three contested), two goals, five tackles & four inside-50s

“Back to playing some really good football, kicked 2.1 and had three score assists. His marking was a feature, three contested marks for a small player, and eight in total, was a real highlight.”

Connor Menadue

13 disposals, two goals, four marks & three tackles

“Played forward early and kicked two first-quarter goals and set the game up for us. They (Casey) ended up running with him so we moved him to half-back but certainly in the early part of the game he was our best player and a big reason why the result went our way.”

Jack Ross

12 disposals, four marks, two clearances, three inside-50s & two rebound-50s

“Played the first half as he’s missed two to three months of football. He looked really strong and composed with 12 possessions in a half. We really missed him in the second half, but it was pleasing to see him come back and play some terrific football.”

Ryan Garthwaite

10 disposals, four spoils, three marks & three rebound-50s

“A key defender, hard to play on. He’s looking really sound, he started to mark the ball early in the game and he’s getting the balance between marking and spoiling the ball. He’s one of the premier key defenders in the competition at the moment.”

Luke English

Eight disposals, three tackles & one clearance

“It was difficult for Luke, we had a role for him but we shifted that throughout the game. He played a bit of forward and a bit of midfield. We’ll continue to try and evolve him into the player we want him to be as a midfielder and a forward.”

Oleg Markov

Six disposals, two goals & three marks

“A little bit quiet possession-wise but the game was quite stifling at times which didn’t allow space in the game. But when we did have space in the game he looked threatening and he kicked two goals."

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Ben Miller

Six disposals, two goals, three marks & two tackles

“Played as a key forward this week, gave us a good contest and will continue to learn in that role. He finished the game with two goals in the last quarter which was reward for some hard work.”

Blake Grewar

16 disposal, nine handball receives, one goal, four tackles, four clearances & five inside-50s

“Playing terrific football for us at the moment, kicked a really critical goal playing forward but also midfield. He looks really strong in the contest. He’s a really important player for us.”

Hugh Beasley

15 disposals, eight handball receives, three marks, three spoils & three rebound-50s

“Returned from his injury after he missed the last couple of weeks. He played across half-back as a key defender, has 15 disposals which is high numbers for Hugh. But it was his contest stuff, he’s hard to play on and is a really integral part of our team.”

Steve Morris

13 disposals, four marks, four tackles, three spoils, two clearances, three inside-50s & two rebound-50s

“Came back after missing a game through injury, he’s just so strong in the contest. He took an exceptional mark and the contested side of his game was a real feature. He leads from the front and had an outstanding game for us.”

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Jacob Ballard

12 disposals, five marks, two tackles & three inside-50s

“Played inside-midfielder and forward and a little bit of wing. He leads from the front, marking the ball. Five marks was important to us and he continues to play his role each week. He’s a great leader.”

Dan Coffield

Eight disposals, three marks & one clearance

“Played down back on limited minutes at times but always looked in control of the game and the defensive part of his game. He's a really important player for us.”

Bailey Henderson

Seven disposals, one tackle & two clearances

“Our 23rd man, played a bit of wing and half-back in the last quarter. Looked ‘Richmond’ really quickly.”