Richmond VFL coach Tim Clarke provides an exclusive summary of how the AFL-listed players performed at VFL level in Saturday’s loss to the Northern Blues.

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Matt Arnot
29 disposals (16 contested), 9 tackles, 1 goal
Matt continued his good form, he had a quiet first quarter and then really got going in the last three. Whether he’s playing forward or through the midfield, he was really on-song when hunting the ball.

Brett O’Hanlon
2 goals, 20 disposals

This week it was a pretty consistent four-quarter effort from Brett. He hit the scoreboard late when we really needed, it was really important from the team’s point of view. He’s a damaging player and starting to get fitness up, starting to play some good footy and really push for senior selection.

Brad Helbig
21 disposals (12 contested), 7 clearances, 5 rebound 50s

One of his better games for the year. He was terrific across half-back and through the midfield and again. Good to see him on ball for the first time in a few weeks and it’s probably something we’ll look at going forward.

Todd Banfield
10 disposals

Had a quiet day, and he struggled in the first half but had good energy. Moved him to half-back to give us some run and he played a good defensive role but we expect a better output.

Ben Darrou
16 disposals

Was beaten in the first quarter and then fought his way back to play a solid defensive game. They didn’t have a key forward so it was good for him to play on some smaller types.

Cadeyn Williams
2 goals, 21 disposals, 5 inside 50s

Played his best game for the year. His first half was quiet but got going in the second, we saw some really pleasing signs from him.

Nathan Gordon
20 disposals, 12 marks

Played one of his better VFL games. Been down on form but started well with his run and put in a really good four-quarter performance, which is what we expect.

Matt McDonough
18 disposals

Played a role on Jeff Garlett in the first half and kept him quiet. We need more offensive ball movement from him. He freed up in second half and got going with good run-and-carry.

Sam Lloyd
2 goals, 22 disposals, 6 inside 50s

Probably the best VFL game he’s played this year, he helped set up a number of goals and marked well. He was a key player for us during our second half comeback.

Ben Griffiths
13 disposals, 5 inside 50s

He was quiet early and well held. His ruck work was good in Orren Stephenson’s absence. He took a couple of big marks but we expect more.

Liam McBean
3 goals, 12 disposals

Was well held and couldn’t impact the game but managed to kick three goals. Much better in the second half but we expect a bigger and better effort because he’s been training a lot better.

Todd Elton
9 disposals

Todd was also well held. His ruck work was okay and he worked hard all day but we didn’t get the impact we need from him.