Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on the injury status of several members of the Tigers’ playing group.

Trent Cotchin, general soreness

“Trent’s resumed training in the last week, there’s a very good chance he’ll play this weekend. We’ve still got a couple of sessions to go for the week but at this stage it’s looking really good. Back to the Adelaide game, we really just needed an extra one or two days. He didn’t quite recover as quickly as we’d liked off the Geelong game. But he’s had a week or so of training already. We’ve got two more training sessions this week which Trent needs to complete before we pick our team.”

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Shane Edwards, hamstring tendonitis

“Shane has been back training for the last week, he developed hamstring tendinopathy the week leading into the Geelong game, which settled reasonably well, but he pulled up quite sore after the Geelong game. With only the six-day turnaround into Adelaide, he just didn’t have enough days to settle down again. We put him on a strengthening program over the break and he started training again last week and trained on Sunday with us. We’ll have to still manage that during the season, but it’s just getting that irritability down to a level where it’s controlled and then we can manage that and be on top of it.”

David Astbury, hamstring

“Dave was pretty close to playing against Adelaide as well, but with the six-day turnaround, he didn’t quite get there. He’s trained the last week and he’ll be available this weekend.”

Jayden Short, elbow

“Shorty’s been going very well, he did a full contact session with the group on Sunday, so he’ll train this week and then it’ll be up to the coaching staff as to where he plays on the weekend. He’s up and about… it’s good to see him back out there, we missed him around training and it’s good to have him back.”

Kane Lambert, Achilles

“After the Hawthorn game… following on from the Fremantle game… he got quite sore, and during the Hawthorn game, wasn’t able to run at the intensity he would normally run at. So, we put him into a rehab program for the last four weeks and it’s responded really well, he started training with us last Sunday and has pulled up well. With two more sessions left this week, if he completes those, then he’ll be available for selection.”

Jack Riewoldt, knee

“Jack’s progressing really well. He’s currently running close to top speed and doing change of direction, he’s started some jumping as well. He’ll start some drills with the group early next week and then we’ll make an assessment as to what game we’ll target but we’re only a couple of weeks away, we think, from Jack returning to match play.”

Toby Nankervis, adductor tendon

“Toby’s progressing really well. He’s running close to top speed, he’s doing some change of direction. What we need to improve still is his strength, left leg to right leg strength. Given the original injury, an adductor tendon avulsion... we need to get that strength back to 90-100% before we take that next step with that contested work. We’re a couple of weeks away from resuming that we think, so it’s probably looking somewhere between the three-to-four (week) mark before we see him back on the park."

Fraser Turner, femur

“The second last (VFL) game before the bye, he flagged to us that he had some groin pain post-game. The following week back at training that got worse. We did some further investigation and found the pain was being referred from a stress related injury in his femur, very similar to what Jacob Townsend had in the pre-season. He’s going to miss a bit of time, probably four to five weeks. He’s a young player, the youngest of our draftees, sometimes with younger players the load can creep up on them.”

Luke English, shoulder

“In good news, Luke English has resumed non-contact skills this week and will be back to full contact skills next week and will resume playing at the end of next week.”

Jack Ross, ankle

“Jack spent the last week on the Alter-G treadmill and now he’s progressing his conditioning base outside. He’ll progress through a rehab program and introduction to football over the next couple of weeks, but I would anticipate he’s about four weeks away from resuming football.”

Marlion Pickett, finger

"Just before Marlion was drafted, he re-injured his finger and had to have surgery on it and a wire put in. We’re about 10 days away from that wire coming back out and then he'll resume training with the group and introduction to skills program which is pretty exciting. He’s been doing some high-level conditioning for the last two to three weeks and we’re probably about four to five weeks away from seeing Marlion playing football."

Callum Moore, ankle

"Cal’s starting running on the Alter-G treadmill this week and he’ll go through that process of building his load on the treadmill before we then get him back outside and progress his conditioning. He’s missed a fair bit of time already, and we’re probably five to six weeks away from him playing again. So, we’re looking at Callum playing some good football again by the end of the season."

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