Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides ‘Richmond Media’ with an update on the injury status of several members of the Tigers’ playing group.

Toby Nankervis, adductor

“That ruck contest (v Fremantle last Sunday), he actually slipped on the ground and he avulsed his adductor longus muscles. So what that means is he’s actually torn away the muscle and a little bit of tendon off the bone. It’s a longer-term injury, probably more around the eight-week mark . . . There’s going to be some strength work over time and then slowly building his running.”

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Jack Ross, syndesmosis

“(Nathan) Fyfe stood on his ankle (v Fremantle last Sunday) and he rotated a little bit as well. Syndesmosis injuries seem to be more common these days. They are an injury that happens when you get tackled . . . He’s having some surgery tomorrow. What they’ll do in that surgery is wrap the tibia and the fibula, similar to what Dan Butler and Kane Lambert had last year. Timeframe-wise we’re thinking it’s going to be somewhere between the six and eight-week mark. Given he’s a first-year player, obviously we’re going to be a little more cautious.” 

Daniel Rioli, corked quad

“Daniel will resume training tomorrow and have a full week of training. He’s recovered quite well.”

Nick Vlastuin, rolled ankle

“Nick, with his ankle, hasn’t run yet. He’ll start running tomorrow. We’ve given him plenty of time to settle. His ankle was blown up like a balloon for most of last week . . . We expect him to be fully training on Friday. I’d say he’s a very good chance to play this week (v Hawthorn).”

Callum Moore, ankle

“Cal had surgery last Wednesday. He had a number of things going on from that incident (in the recent VFL match v Williamstown). Pretty much all his ligaments were damaged quite badly. He had a very small fracture in his calcaneus and he also ruptured some soft tissue, which holds the muscles and tendons around his foot. That’s probably the main issue that we needed to repair and he had surgery to fix that. He’s in plaster at the moment. Tomorrow, he’ll come out of that plaster, he’ll be in a boot for four weeks and then from there, as tolerated, we’ll progress walking, jogging, Alter-G, on the treadmill. It’s looking like an eight-10-week injury.”

Jack Graham, hamstring

“Jack is at about 90% speed at the moment . . . I would anticipate he’d miss this week and be available to play next week, provided he fully trains leading into the Essendon game.”

Trent Cotchin, hamstring

“Trent is at the same point, around that 90%, which we said we’d hold for a period of time, given he had a little interruption a few weeks back . . . Right now he is holding that speed and feeling good. We’ll progress that speed over the next week. We’re looking, at this stage, the Kangaroos game, Round 11, as a return. That should give him at least a week, maybe two weeks, of full skills training.”

Jayden Short, elbow

“’Shorty’ is out of the brace now . . . only just come off in the last 24 hours. He’s now doing his physio exercises. Slowly we’re just getting some movement back into his arm. The transition hopefully will be a fairly quick one, but we’re still looking at the first game after the bye, which is five or six weeks away.”

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Jack Riewoldt, PCL

“Jack’s tracking really well. His quad strength is really good at the moment. We’re looking to start jogging in the next two weeks, possibly end of next week the way he’s going.”

Alex Rance, ACL

“Alex is progressing brilliantly. He’s doing absolutely everything he can to push us with his rehab . . .”