Hard-running midfielder Shaun Grigg entered unchartered territory at Tigerland last year.

Going into 2014, Grigg had missed just one game in three seasons with Richmond after joining the Club from Carlton at the end of 2010.

But a hamstring injury that he suffered mid-season sidelined him for six weeks and he then had to resume playing via Richmond’s VFL team.

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Grigg subsequently fought his way back into the Tigers’ senior line-up, and was a valuable contributor in the pressure-packed final few weeks of the season.

“It was disappointing to miss a few games with a hamstring injury considering I’ve been pretty durable since coming to Richmond,” Grigg told Roar Vision.

“But injuries are part and parcel of playing AFL . . . I was lucky enough to get back and find some form in the VFL and get back in the senior team.”

The 26-year-old veteran of 124 league games (81 for Richmond), took on a different role at times throughout season 2014, playing as a tagger, and he thrived on the challenge . . .

“I played a fair bit of a team role, playing on some opposition key players, which I love to do for the team.  Sometimes I wouldn’t get a heap of the ball, but I put my hand up to do the team job,” Grigg said.

“It’s a lot of concentration and a lot of homework on who you’re coming up against and how they get the ball and all those types of things, and how you can hurt them as well.”

Having developed versatility in his game, Grigg is not fazed with what tasks he may be assigned by coach Damien Hardwick in season 2015.

“I’m open to whatever gets thrown my way . . . it’s just good to have a couple of different strings to the bow,” he said.

“If the boys need me to play on someone I can, or if they need me to go and get the ball, then I’ll try and do that.

“I just want to contribute.  Not looking too far ahead, just whatever the start of the season throws at me.  

“Half the battle is staying on the park, so that’d be my No. 1 goal – to look after the body and get as fit as I can in the meantime.”