VFL and development coach Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Saturday's 16 v 16 scratch match against St Kilda. 

Patrick Naish

"It was a very good game from Patrick, he played on the wing majority of the game and won a lot of the football. The pleasing thing was his defensive efforts, which is something he's been working on, but also he got rewarded with the ball. He's playing good football at the moment and was also rewarded with three goals."

Daniel Rioli

"I thought his work rate was really good. He worked hard, being 16 v 16, it forces you to, but we know that's when he's at his best, when he's working hard and running hard. He had a lot of the ball and it was great to see him being able to win possession, apply pressure and also kick two goals."

Ivan Soldo

"He was great. Some of his offensive stuff was really good and he provided a great contest in the ruck for us. He played forward at times and was also rewarded with two goals."

Mabior Chol

"He's up and about, he had a very good game. He worked really hard to get to the spots he had to, so that the ball could be kicked to him, or so he could outwork his opponent and beat them one-on-one, and was rewarded on the scoreboard. It was great to see him play another good game."

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Scratch match: Post-match interview

VFL senior coach, Xavier Clarke speaks to Richmond media following the scratch match between Richmond and St Kilda.

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Riley Collier-Dawkins

"Still continuing to play well over the past couple of weeks. He's putting pressure on which is great, laying tackles and being able to win the ball around congestion. He was also rewarded with two goals so it was great to see him get on the scoreboard. He kicked the first goal of the game from around 50m out on the run which was fantastic for him."

Ryan Garthwaite

"He's been solid for us down back these past three weeks. He's hard to beat one-on-one and he prides himself on his contested efforts. He had nine spoils for the game which was absolutely huge. He really sets the scene for us defensively, he's in good form at the moment." 

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

"He had some really good patches throughout the game. His ability to win the ball and see the game and use it well is his biggest strength, and it was great to see him lay four tackles as well. He'll continue to work on his game and his areas that he needs to improve on but it was good to see him have a consistent game throughout the four quarters."

Oleg Markov

"Worked very hard throughout the game. He was open a lot but unfortunately didn't get used as much as he would have liked. But his work-rate and his speed are certainly his biggest strengths so he'll continue to play to his strengths in that space."

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Scratch match highlights: Richmond v St Kilda

Watch highlights from the scratch match between Richmond and St Kilda.

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Jack Graham

"He was pretty good. We know his work rate and pressure are his biggest strengths and he had 11 tackles for the game which was phenomenal. He won a lot of the ball, it was great to see him come back and play in the midfield the whole game and show us how he plays his footy. 

Jack Aarts

"He's in good form. His ability to get up and down the ground and work hard are his biggest strengths. He sees the game well and was also rewarded with two goals. He was the second carryover emergency so he only played three quarters for us."

Callum Coleman-Jones

"Continues to impress. We mixed him up in the ruck with Soldo and his ability to move around the ground for a big guy is really good, he can get forward and take marks. His ability to play as a forward and as a ruck is something that can work in his favour, he's in good form."

Marlion Pickett

"Played midfield the whole game and had a high impact around the ball. He had nine tackles which was pleasing. He played a pretty good game, he was able to get after the ball and be around contests, and he was also able to transition from contest to contest."

 Ben Miller

"Continuing to play consistent footy which has been fantastic to watch. His defensive efforts and his one-on-one contests are what he's been working on the most and we've seen reward for that and the way he's been playing. He had four spoils for the game which was really good."

Fraser Turner

"It was one of the best all-round games I've seen Fraser play. He played at half-back for the whole game and was really good in his defensive efforts, which is something he's been working on. He was aggressive around the ball which was great, it was good to see him do the things he's been working on throughout the pre-season around his pressure and defensive actions and I thought he showed that really well."

Luke English

"Played a different role at half-back. He did really well, his ability to defend one-on-one was fantastic and his ability to play our system as well was really good. So, it was pleasing to see him go down back and have an impact outside of his usual role as an inside midfielder."

Hugo Ralphsmith

"Hugo's been playing at half-forward for most of the time but went back to the wing for this game. I thought he did really well, he's got a great running ability. He's got good speed and endurance and he sees the game fairly well, he's certainly not afraid to go for his marks. I liked the way he played the wing role, he got the ball, used it well and hit the scoreboard."