Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

The benefits and challenges of the hub environment

"The benefits are the weather, the temperature being a bit warmer...Some of the small challenges we've got (is that) at the moment there's four teams that were already here on the Gold Coast and five Victorian teams are here now. So there's a total of nine teams using the facilities around the Gold Coast, whether it's the various gyms and high performance centres and the grounds. There's some scheduling challenges but the AFL are doing a fantastic job working with us and it's gone really smoothly today." 

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Injury Report: Lynch, Prestia, Nankervis, Cotchin, Astbury

Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Tom Lynch, hand

"Tom flew in (Monday) night and he's got a bit of plaster on his hand at the moment that will come off over the next couple of days. It's unlikely he'll play on Sunday but we're not going to rule him out completely at this stage. He did an amazing job getting through the game on the weekend and didn't show too much pain during the game, and functioned and performed really well. So we'll assess later this week and we'll make a judgement call whether he plays Sunday or not."

Dion Prestia and Toby Nankervis, ankle

"Both players suffered syndesmosis ankle sprains which are a high ankle sprain...They've had surgery Monday afternoon...which will help stabilise the ankle and they'll be in plaster and a boot for a week or so and then hopefully back functioning in two to three weeks...It's a medium-term injury. We've had a couple of players in the past with this injury and some have got back in four to five weeks and some have taken longer. It's a very individual rehab and recovery process so we'll be able to update everyone in a couple of weeks with how they're tracking. But they're back in Melbourne doing their rehab program.

David Astbury, knee

"Dave's going really well. Dave will probably start some light running later this week, he's tracking a little bit ahead of schedule...We've just got to continue building the strength in his knee. He's walking around pain free and he's functioning really well."

Trent Cotchin, hamstring

"Early in the fourth quarter, Trent came from the field and reported some awareness with his hamstring and we decided to wrap him up at that stage. We've had scans on Monday morning and it just showed that he has a very minor hamstring strain. We expect at this stage that it's going to be a very short-term injury but given Trent's history over the last 12 months we'll be very cautious not to rush him back in. At this stage, we'll say it's short-term but we'll reassess over the next one to two weeks."