On the eve of one of the most important nights in Richmond’s history - the Fighting Tiger Fund function - it’s interesting to reflect on some words of wisdom from the man regarded as the Club’s greatest-ever administrator, Graeme Richmond.

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In the lead-up to the Tigers’ 1973 Grand Final clash with Carlton, ‘GR’ did an interview with Lou Richards in ‘The Sun’ newspaper, where he pinpointed the spark that had ignited the Richmond revival back then, following a lengthy period in the football wilderness.

GR was typically forthright in his assessment of how it all happened . . . 

“I woke up to the fact that money was coming into the game 20 years ago,” he said.

“I decided, quite coldly, that money was the thing that could lift the Tigers out of the doldrums.

“I was sick of defeat.

“It’s a terrible feeling being part of a team or a club, which believes it’s not good enough.

“No one wanted to know Richmond 20 years ago.  The Tigers were ashamed of themselves.

“Sure, I know people say we’re arrogant and over-confident now, but you have to understand that changing from a bad team to a good one is like changing your politics or your religion.

“You become more fanatical . . .”

One day, we may well look back at the Fighting Tiger Fund as the catalyst for the next Yellow and Black golden era.

In the meantime, donations to the Fighting Tiger Fund have passed the $200,000 mark.

As of midday yesterday (Tuesday, March 15), the Fighting Tiger Fund had raised $219,687.

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