Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

Josh Caddy, hamstring

"Josh had an incident during the game where he was moving at high speed and suffered a hamstring strain. We listed him as medium-term, which will probably be more three to four weeks, so a pretty standard hamstring strain. He has run twice this week already, so it's actually looking quite good. Given the compressed fixture, there's more than one game a week at the moment, so (missing) three to four weeks will be anywhere from four to five games."

Trent Cotchin, hamstring

"Trent had a good session today. He's gone really well in the last week (but) just given his history, we've decided to aim for next Wednesday (Round 9 v Western Bulldogs) as his return match."

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Injury Report: Caddy, Cotchin, Astbury

Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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 David Astbury, knee 

"The original injury was Dave had some articular cartilage that chipped away from behind his patella and that needs to fill in and heal. So, we probably just need a little bit more time...He'll get to a point where he's functioning really well and the healing will still be happening over time. We're just waiting for it to settle and then we'll progress him to the next level and if he can cope with that, we'll progress to match play."

Dion Prestia and Toby Nankervis, ankle

"Dion and Toby have both got programs (to follow while in quarantine). They had the same surgery so they both have the same rehabilitation process. They both have their moon boot off and are walking around and doing some cross-training. They have some specific strength exercises they'll be doing while they're in the quarantine hub and the next phase will be progressing to some sort of jogging or running on the AlterG treadmill, then running on the grass, then progressing to some sort of training. But we're a few weeks away from any of that."

Challenges of the compressed fixture

"It is challenging, five-day breaks, four-day breaks, six-day breaks and there's a nine-day break even for us. Looking at ours, I think it's pretty good. The next couple of games will pose some challenges but none that we haven't encountered before with the Anzac Eve games, we had a four-day break last year and a five-day break the year before. So, we've already got a template of what that looks like and it's about recovery early in the week post-game and just building up a little bit of training late in the week. Each scenario will be slightly different based on how we recover from the game."

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Tigers prepare for Giant clash

The Tigers prepare for the Round 8 match against GWS

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