Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

Dylan Grimes, hamstring 

"Dylan was outside today (Saturday) doing some strides at around about 80 per cent, so we’ll progress that in the next session. The injury is on the minor end of the scale and it’s something that he has managed in the past. It’s an irritation of the lower part of the hamstring, on the medial side.

"At this stage, he’ll definitely miss the Fremantle game and we’ll reassess next week with where he is at and whether he’s available for the Geelong game."

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Injury report: Grimes, Prestia, Astbury

Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge, provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Dion Prestia, ankle 

“Dion had to go back in (for a minor procedure) and have a little clean out and get on an intravenous drip to clear up some infection that had occurred with his ankle. He’s seeing the surgeon on Monday and we anticipate he’ll start running on Tuesday, and then we’ll progress his running program over the next couple of weeks.

“The actual original injury looks really good, but unfortunately the infection caused a bit of a disruption to our rehab plans. At this stage, we’re looking potentially at the last game or probably finals, realistically. We’re not sure about the pre-finals bye yet, but if that does happen, it will buy us an extra week. With scrimmage games each week, we could look at playing him in one of those to build his match fitness, or straight back into the team.”

David Astbury, knee

“Dave has ticked off all the conditioning components of his recovery … but there are just some more specific strength and football-related things that he still had been a bit uncomfortable with last week, that he’s a little bit better with this week. Kicking being one of those.

“We’ll build that up over the next week and reassess again towards the Geelong game. He certainly isn’t available this week for the Fremantle game, and potentially next week. He has made some really good progress, but given he hasn’t played since the St Kilda game in Round 4 – it is seven or eight weeks now - we are being very careful with his return date.”

Callum Coleman-Jones, foot

“’CJ’ had some bone stress in his foot a few weeks back. The last two-to-three weeks he’s been in a conditioning phase preparing him to play again. He’ll be available for selection next week.”

Ryan Garthwaite, groin

“He’s been going really well recently. A couple of weeks back, ‘Garthy’ played in a scrimmage game with Essendon and did extremely well, but pulled up a little bit sore, so we backed off again for another week and we’ve slowly built him up. He probably won’t be available this coming week, but we’re certainly looking at the week after being available for match play.”