VFL and development coach Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Saturday morning's scratch match against Geelong on the Gold Coast. 

Patrick Naish

“Played the majority of the game down back, and a little bit of time on the wing. He continued to work on stepping into contests and that’s a part of his game which he has improved in. We all know that he can use the ball well when he does get the ball in hand and plays to his strength.”

Dave Astbury

“Played his first game since a knee injury in Round 4. He played the first half and looked good in the contest at times and controlled the backline as best he could. He took a couple of nice contested marks which was great, and it was good to see him back out on the park, although only being a half.”

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Scratch match v Geelong

Richmond players took to the field in a hit out with Geelong.

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Jack Higgins  

“Looked dangerous, playing half-forward pretty much the whole game. He kicked four goals and had some really good moments with his speed out the back and beating his opponent back towards goals.”

Josh Caddy

“Played majority of the game forward. Had moments in the game where he impacted really well, and around the ball, so it was good to see him get out there and have a full game under his belt, coming off a minor hamstring setback. He will be better off for the run, which is great to see.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

“Playing really good footy at the moment. His contest work has been fantastic. He finished the game with eight clearances and six tackles playing like a big-body mid, which is great, and he was rewarded with a pretty nice centre-square bounce goal, which was great to see.”

Thomson Dow

“Obviously came back from AFL level, and he had moments around the ball and does look dangerous around stoppages using his speed. It was great to see him show some of his strength in that part of the game.”

Fraser Turner

“Played down back and does accumulate the ball. He was really good with his patterning in offence and shows that with his possessions and so forth. He is working on his contest and defensive pressure which is pleasing to see as well.”

Luke English

“Played forward and mid, he was really good around the ball and he cracks in. He’s a workhorse, and we love to see him working towards his strength in that part of his game.”

Nathan Broad 

“Played majority of the game on the wing, and at times second ruck, and played that role really well. To come back from AFL level, he certainly is a standout in terms of the way he plays, and with his energy and direction, so it was great to see him have an impact on the game.”

Will Martyn 

“He is a pretty solid player as an inside-mid and we think he’s going to be a good player for us in the future, as he’s showed some really good glimpses of his hands in contest which is his biggest strength. He will continue to grow.”

Mabior Chol

“Kicked five goals and it was a pretty dominant performance for him playing majority forward. I think the pleasing thing was him taking the eight contested marks, which is a highlight of his, but his ability of being able to run and jump at the ball was certainly his biggest strength. We got to see that on the weekend which was great.”

Ryan Garthwaite

“Played the second half, where he took over from Dave Astbury and had some really good moments in the contest showing aggression with his spoil and 1v1, and never-give-up attitude.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

“Showed his strength with rebound off half-back, his link-up, and ability to use the ball and find a spare, which was pleasing to see, and him joining our attacks. He had a good impact across half-back.”

Hugo Ralphsmith

“Played more defensively this time as a half-back. We are trying to find a spot for him where he plays his best footy, and he certainly has some really good strengths, but has been moved around, so half-back/wing/half-forward. He will continue to develop his game.”

Ben Miller

“Played the majority of the match in the ruck and had moments. I thought he competed pretty well in terms of when the ball hit the ground and good follow up. He played a different role than what he usually does, but had a great attitude, and I thought had moments in the game where he showed some of his strengths also.”