Richmond AFLW forward, Sabrina Frederick will feature on Channel 7’s new reality TV show SAS Australia starting Monday night.

The premiere season of SAS Australia sees 17 Australian celebrities and identities take on one of the toughest challenges of their lives, as they attempt to conquer a series of physical and psychological tests from the real Special Air Service selection process.

The recruits will be cut off from the outside world at a secret base in harsh but spectacular terrain, where they will eat, sleep and train together in punishing conditions, with no allowances made for their status, age or gender.

Frederick who has now returned from filming for the TV show and is back training with her teammates said the experience was the “toughest thing she has ever done”.

“Physically, emotionally and mentally, but also one of the best experiences I have ever had,” she added.

“I’m in this experience to prove that women can do this, I’m willing to show that a woman can get through selection and it’s not because of pity it’s because she has earnt the right to be.

“That’s why I think I will get through, because I have that drive, I want to prove people wrong.”

You can catch Sabrina on SAS Australia on Channel 7 this Monday night at 7.30pm.