Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Trent Cotchin, Dylan Grimes, Nick Vlastuin, Dustin Martin and Ivan Soldo in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury Report: Martin, McIntosh, Astbury, Edwards

Physical performance manager, Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Dylan Grimes, concussion, unavailable (short term)

“Dylan came into the Club on Saturday and reported some symptoms that were consistent with concussion.

“The doctor naturally had to look a little bit deeper into it because there was no obvious incident from the game Friday night, but his symptoms were consistent with some kind of concussion episode.

“He now falls into the AFL concussion protocol and will miss this week’s game. 

“We are being absolutely cautious with this. It is very important, the player's welfare, so Dylan will miss the game this week under the concussion protocol.”

Trent Cotchin, hamstring, unavailable (medium term)

“Late in the game, Trent came off the ground after a very high-intensity effort, and unfortunately, he has got a small hamstring strain.

“It is something we have dealt with before with Trent over time, so he is going to miss a couple of weeks and fall into the medium-term bracket.

“(He will) go through our hamstring rehab protocol, and we will make sure he is absolutely right to return.”

Nick Vlastuin, knee, probable

“Nick has had a really good last week-and-a-half of training. Today, he joined the team and did the full session, so he will go through our main training again on Wednesday, and all going well, he would be available for selection on Friday night.”

Dustin Martin, concussion, probable

“Dustin is going through the 12-day concussion protocol. We are nearing the end of that period, so he has ticked off some things with the doc, and he has got training on Wednesday.

“All going well with Dustin, we would hope that he is available for Friday night.”

Ivan Soldo, knee, unavailable, (long term)

“Ivan went and saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago following a small arthroscope that he had. On a return visit, they decided that his medial ligament actually needed a little bit of tightening as well to help support the whole structure of the knee.

“So, he had further surgery last week to tighten that medial ligament. He is now in a brace for three weeks. In terms of his (return) timeframe, it will probably not change that too much, but we will obviously be very careful.

“It is a long-term injury and a serious injury, so we will be taking our time and being very cautious with his return from the most recent surgery. 

“The goal in the short term is to get him back doing his strength program in the gym and then slowly starting a running program again in a couple of weeks. We will make an assessment from there as to what that looks like for the rest of the season.”

Richmond Injury List

Nick Vlastuin – knee
Dustin Martin - concussion
Ryan Garthwaite – shoulder – Short term
Dylan Grimes – concussion – Short term
Trent Cotchin – hamstring – Medium term
Kane Lambert – calf – Medium term
Dion Prestia – calf – Medium term
Ivan Soldo – knee – Long term

Updated - May 3, 2021