Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Shane Edwards, Dion Prestia, Trent Cotchin, Shai Bolton and Kane Lambert in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury report: Cotchin, Prestia, Bolton, Edwards

Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Potential Inclusions

“Hopefully (there are) some inclusions this week, we have got Trent Cotchin, Dion Prestia and Shai Bolton potentially returning to the side.

"We have got two training sessions to get through this week. Once the boys have completed those two sessions and (if) everyone is happy, then we would expect those inclusions to the team.”

Patrick Naish, hamstring, unavailable (short term)

"Patrick reported this post-game, it did not hinder him too much during the game, but he did report he was a little bit sore post-game.

“Since then, we have had some scans and it is on the minor end of the scale, so a short-term hamstring injury.

 “(He is) definitely not playing this weekend, we will get him up and running later this week and re-assess next week.”

Shane Edwards, ankle, unavailable (short term)

"Shane is running at about 70 to 80 per cent at the moment with his ankle injury. We thought it would progress a little bit quicker than it has. But we are just in a bit of a holding pattern currently.

“We are going to do some more running this week and hopefully that will progress again later this week and hopefully we will be in a position next week to return to some skills.

“We will know more later this week (as to) how he is progressing.”

Kane Lambert, calf, unavailable (medium term)

"Kane is going really well, Kane has a calf injury which has a little bit of tendon involvement which means we generally have to take a little bit longer.

“There is always some risk there if you push it too soon with any kind of tendon injury, with a soft tissue injury, hamstring, or calf injury in Kane’s case.

“At this stage we are just holding steady with his speed. He will not be playing before the bye, but we are hopeful post-bye he will be back training with the main group and we will re-assess when his return to play is.”

Ivan Soldo, knee, unavailable (long term)

"Ivan has been placed on the long-term injury list, so he won’t be playing football this year. The decision around that revolves around the two minor surgeries he has had recently, and the delay in his return back to training and preparation with that.

“It would have been very late in the season, August or possibly even September. We just made the decision knowing all of those things and weighing it all up that it would be probably better to prepare for next season and take the pressure away off Ivan.

‘We have let him get away for a couple of weeks, have a break and give him a real chance to have a full pre-season and off-season to prepare for next year.”

Richmond Injury List

Dion Prestia – calf
Trent Cotchin – hamstring
Shai Bolton – wrist

Patrick Naish – hamstring – short term
Ryan Garthwaite – shoulder – short term
Shane Edwards – ankle – short term
Kane Lambert – calf – medium term
Ivan Soldo – knee – long term

Updated - May 25, 2021