Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Noah Balta, Nathan Broad, David Astbury and Tom Lynch in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury report: Balta, Broad, Vlastuin, Lynch, Astbury, Nankervis

Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Noah Balta, ankle, unavailable (TBC)

“Noah obviously had a fairly significant incident during the game where there was a bit of uncertainty as to whether he had a serious injury to his knee.

“(For the) assessment around that with the doctor, Noah was certain he had done his knee. In the limited time, we had to assess him at three-quarter time and then make the decision with the sub, we were thinking it was the knee.

“Further to that, after the game and certainly later that night back at the Club, it appeared that it was more his ankle that was the problem, and his knee was not too bad.

“The scans that we did on Sunday showed that there was some bone bruising on his knee, but he had a fairly significant ankle syndesmosis injury which needs surgery and some stabilisation.”

Nathan Broad, ankle, unavailable (TBC)

“Although he played out the game with it, (Broad's ankle injury) was fairly significant also on the scanning; it was probably a little bit worse than we thought. He is having surgery as well; it is the exact same procedure, stabilisation.

“They will both be in a rehab phase starting later this week, and then we will have a better idea on timelines. It is hard to put a timeline on it at the moment.

“It is certainly not a short-term injury.”

Nick Vlastuin, quad cork, questionable

“Nick had a significant quad cork and played out the game with it. He is pretty sore, and there is some bruising coming out.

“He is a little bit better today. He has got some flexion back in his knee, and tomorrow we will try to get him moving a little bit. With the six-day turnaround, it is going to be line-ball.

“But we are pretty confident he will get himself right to play.”

Mabior Chol, finger, questionable

“'Marbs' dislocated his little finger and played out the game. He is pretty sore today. We will tape him up and put him out at training tomorrow ... and assess him for the game this week.”

Tom Lynch, knee, probable

“'Lynchy' has had a good last week on the training track. He will do our main training session tomorrow and do all of it.

“If that is successful, I imagine he will be selected in the team to play.”

David Astbury, Achilles, probable

“Last week we thought (Dave) would be available to play (but) he pulled up a little bit sore from our main session, so we just held off another week. He has got an Achilles tendinopathy which was a bit grumbly, but then had settled and then a little bit of a reaction, so we took the safe option again.

“He will do the main session tomorrow, and if that goes really well, then he will be available to play this Thursday.”

Toby Nankervis, knee, (short-term)

“Toby has progressed really well in the last week, (and) ran at full speed on the weekend.

“There is some specific ruck things that we need to tick off with Toby with his PCL injury, so he will not be available this week, but we are looking to progress those specific ruck scenarios over the next week.

“We will make an assessment next week as to his availability for the Collingwood game.”

Richmond Injury List

Tom Lynch – knee
David Astbury – Achilles
Bigoa Nyuon - knee

Mabior Chol – finger
Nick Vlastuin – quad cork

Toby Nankervis – knee – short term
Noah Balta – ankle - TBC
Nathan Broad – ankle - TBC
Ivan Soldo – knee – long term

Updated - June 28, 2021