Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Dustin Martin, Kamdyn McIntosh, David Astbury, Callum Coleman-Jones, Shane Edwards, Dion Prestia, Nick Vlastuin, Nathan Broad, Noah Balta and Bachar Houli in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury Report: Martin, McIntosh, Astbury, Edwards

Physical performance manager, Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Dustin Martin, kidney, (long-term)

“Really unfortunate for Dustin, and obviously the team. The incident (was) just before three-quarter time. He came off the ground, and it looked pretty bad on the field, and he was obviously in a bit of pain.

“He ran off, and he said he was just winded, but the doctors took him down to the rooms for further assessment, and they were a little bit suspicious there was a bit more going on.

“He was taken to hospital for further scans and observation, and obviously the result was a lacerated kidney, which is fairly serious, and it will mean he can’t take any further part in the season. He is not allowed to have any contact for three months.

“He is still up there on the Gold Coast in hospital. He will probably be released in a couple of days once the specialists give him the all clear and we are looking forward to having him back around the Club again soon.

“All the guys and staff have been really good and sending him get-well messages and all those sorts of things. He is really appreciative of that, and we look forward to seeing him soon.”

Kamdyn McIntosh, hamstring, (medium-term)

“Kamdyn had a small incident out on the far wing where he just went to accelerate and felt some awareness in his hamstring. He has never had a hamstring injury before, and further scans have shown it is fairly minor.

“He will definitely miss this week and potentially the week after, but we anticipate it is not going to be anything long-term.

“He is already back running, which is a really good sign with these sorts of injuries, so we would anticipate he is only going to miss one or two weeks potentially.”

David Astbury, ankle, probable

“Dave had an incident late in the game… he came from the field, and we strapped him back up and got him back out there.

“He is walking around fine at the moment… we will take care of him at training tomorrow, and he will resume training with the group on Friday preparing for Sunday’s game.

“I expect him to be available to play.”

Shane Edwards, ankle, probable

“Shane has had a good week. He had an ankle issue which has dragged on and was still causing him a little bit of grief last week, so we just played it really safe.

“He was training yesterday and looking really bouncy with his running, agility and change of direction. He will resume training tomorrow and I anticipate will be available to play this week.”

Callum Coleman-Jones, calf, probable

“(He) had a calf issue from the Gold Coast game (in Round 16) and has been running over the last couple of sessions. He will resume training tomorrow and again Friday and we will assess his availability for the weekend.”

Dion Prestia, hamstring, (short term)

“Dion is back running at full pace and will resume some football training this week. With Dion, we are looking to make sure when he returns that he stays playing football.

“We are going to take two weeks of training and then we will assess next week if he returns to play.”

Nick Vlastuin, knee/quad cork, (short term)

“He is carrying two issues at the moment, he had a medial ligament knee injury from the Gold Coast game, but he also had a significant corky from that game on top of the corky that he had the week before (St Kilda), so that has actually become more of the issue over the last week or so.

“He has had a bit of a re-bleed from that second incident… it was a little bit confusing with the knee and the corky, but it has now become evident that that cork was a lot more serious.

“We have had to actually take a step back and be really careful with him. He has not quite got full range back in that leg.

“He has just started running again yesterday, and it will be a slower progression given now he has missed two and a half weeks of football training.  We are managing him into a program this week and will make an assessment next week as to what that looks like.”

Nathan Broad, ankle, (short term) and Noah Balta, ankle, (medium term)

“Broady and Noah Balta sustained their ankle injuries in the St Kilda game, and both had surgery for an ankle syndesmosis issue. Both of them are back doing some light running.

“Broady is actually a little bit further progressed. He is running at about 50 percent speed at the moment, so he will progress this week outside (into) straight line running.

“Noah has just started on a treadmill, so he is a little bit behind (Broad), but hopefully will progress more at the back end. His injury was a little bit more serious.”

Bachar Houli, ankle, (medium term)

“Bachar, who was a week later in the Gold Coast game, has just started walking around pain free. He will start some AlterG treadmill running some stage this week.”

Richmond Injury List

Shane Edwards – ankle
Callum Coleman-Jones - calf
David Astbury - ankle
Ben Miller - groin

Dion Prestia - hamstring - short term
Nick Vlastuin - knee/quad cork - short term
Nathan Broad – ankle - short term
Kamdyn McIntosh – hamstring - medium term
Noah Balta – ankle - medium term
Bachar Houli - ankle - medium term
Ivan Soldo – knee – long term
Dustin Martin – kidney - long term

Updated - July 20, 2021