Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with an update on Trent Cotchin, Shane Edwards, Toby Nankervis, Dustin Martin and David Astbury in the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.


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Injury Report: Cotchin, Astbury, Edwards, Nankervis, Martin

Physical performance manager, Peter Burge provides Richmond media with the latest injury report, brought to you by Victor Sports.

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Trent Cotchin, knee, (season)

“Trent won’t play this weekend. Late in the second quarter, he had an incident last Friday night, where he came off and reported a knee issue.

“Subsequently, after the game, the doctor got to examine it a bit further, and he suspected a PCL type injury. Scans backed that up on Monday and he won’t play this weekend.

“He will go through a recovery and a rehab program now over the off-season and resume his program for next season.”

David Astbury, quad cork (probable)

“Dave last week had flagged a quad cork from the previous game, and it had sort of been niggling him all week. He got through our main session, but on our captain's run, it was still troubling him a little and we made the late call to withdraw him from the game Friday night.

“He is resuming training this week and will fully train on Thursday with the group and all going well, we will make an assessment and hopefully, he is able to come out and play his last game for the Club on Saturday against Hawthorn.”

Shane Edwards, ankle, (season)

“Shane has been managing a bit of a troublesome ankle now for a couple of weeks. Earlier in the season, he had an incident where he damaged some ligament and also the back part of his ankle.

“He recovered reasonably well and came back and played in the Dreamtime game. (But) since then, he has been troubled by some ankle impingement at the back of his ankle and has been playing with it for most of the year.

“In recent weeks, it has troubled him a little bit more and we have just made the call that he needs to go and have a cleanout, a scope, and he is getting that done tomorrow, so as a result, he will miss this weekend’s game.

“The recovery time is not a significant one, so he will have a great chance over the off-season to prepare for next year.”

Toby Nankervis, finger/foot/knee, (season)

“Toby suffered a finger injury in the game last week, a fracture in his finger. He has also damaged some ligament, which is going to need surgical repair, so he won’t be playing this week.

“(That is) along with managing his PCL from earlier in the year, and a foot issue as well. It has added up a little bit for Toby, but it is the finger injury that is ruling him out this weekend.”

Dustin Martin, kidney, (season)

“Dustin has been back at the Club this week, recovering from his kidney injury. It is great to see him back. I know the players have had a lift by him coming back in.

“He has lost a little bit of weight, (because) he has had to manage his diet (for his) health a little bit over the last couple of weeks and will do over the next three to four weeks as well.

“He is working with specialists and once he has got the tick off from the specialists, he will be able to resume some form of light training over the off-season.

“I anticipate with the length of pre-season that we are going to have coming up, he will have a great preparation into next season.”

Richmond Injury List

David Astbury – quad cork

Bachar Houli – ankle

Samson Ryan – ankle – season
Nathan Broad – ankle – season
Noah Balta – ankle – season
Ivan Soldo – knee – season
Dustin Martin – kidney – season
Trent Cotchin – knee – season
Shane Edwards – ankle – season
Toby Nankervis – finger / foot / knee – season

Updated - August 17, 2021