VFL backline and development coach Ryan Ferguson provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 13 win over Sandringham.

Mav Weller

26 disposals, one goal, six clearances, five tackles & eight inside-50s

“In the thick of everything, 18 contested possessions, hit the scoreboard and is leading by example—loving his attitude amongst the team.”

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Jack Higgins

26 disposals, two goals, three tackles & six clearances

“Brought a tremendous amount of energy and excitement to the team. Hit the scoreboard and was lively all day.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

22 disposals, seven rebound-50s & four marks

“Was clean in tough conditions, was strong over the ball, provided plenty of run and rebound. He’s in great form at the moment.”

Jacob Townsend

21 disposals, three goals, 12 tackles, five clearances & six inside-50s

“Started like a house on fire, kicked three goals in the first quarter, had 12 tackles and was hard to stop all day.”

Patrick Naish

20 disposals, three rebound-50s & three marks

“Played half-back for the game, defended really well and was still able to find the ball.”

Liam Baker

19 disposals, six tackles & three clearances

“Was clean and used the ball very well, 14 contested possessions was pleasing to see.”

Dan Butler

14 disposals, one goal, four tackles & four inside-50s

“Provided bursts of speed and skill. He looked good when he was able to find space.”

Connor Menadue

13 disposals, four tackles & four inside-50s

“Played midfield and forward in a bit of a different role and we’re exploring that side of his game. He was able to use the ball forward of centre with precision to set-up scoring opportunities. He also only played the first-half as he was the carry-over for the AFL game on Sunday.”

Jake Aarts

12 disposals, five tackles & two clearances

“Was able to play a variety of roles, forward and through the midfield. Not a high possession game but was still able to impact contests like he usually does.”

Noah Balta

11 disposals, five one-percenters & four rebound-50s

“Played predominantly as our deepest defender and positioned well in the back three. His big, strong, aggressive spoils were a feature of his day.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

11 disposals, six tackles & three clearances

“Was a quietish day but threw his weight around laid some big tackles. He just wasn’t able to get on the end of any easy ball.”

Ryan Garthwaite

Seven disposals, four marks & nine tackles

“One of the back-three that structured us up really well. Had nine tackles and was able to pinch-hit in the ruck and was lively and competitive around the ball in those moments.”

Jacob Ballard

18 disposals, five tackles & five inside-50s

“Played a really consistent four quarter game, put on great pressure, used the ball well and tackled strongly.”

Steve Morris

14 disposal, five tackles & four rebound-50s

“Broke the lines and sent the ball forward for us on a day when we needed to take territory. Was hard at it as usual.”

James Fletcher

14 disposals, four tackles, three inside-50s & four rebound-50s

“Played back and wing and worked extremely hard with his defensive running and then also to get up the field to provide and option and then also cover the exits. Which he’s been doing consistently well.”

Tom Silvestro,

13 disposals, three tackles & two inside-50s

“Was in and under like he usually is and although not a high possession game was still able to be really influential and a key part of some of our chains that led to scores.”

Hugh Beasley

12 disposals, five one-percenters & three rebound-50s

“Was part of a well-functioning backline. Positioned well with Noah (Balta) and ‘Garthy’ (Ryan Garthwaite) and was hard to get through.”

Billy Coates

10 disposals, 10 hit-outs & five one-percenters

“Provided some spark in the middle when he went into the ruck and was also pinch-hitting down forward. Had some really important moments in the game where he won contests and drove the ball our way.”

Bailey Lambert

Eight disposals, two tackles & two clearances

“Quietish day but played his role on limited minutes though the midfield and forward.”

Blake Grewar

Six disposals, two goals & one tackle

“Bobbed up a couple of times, positioned himself well and was able to kick a couple of goals to finish off some good team play.”

Luke Nelson

Six disposals, two tackles & four inside-50s

“Showed high quality game sense on a wet day and was able to knock the ball on, kick the ball off the ground and get it moving our way with some deft touches that helped us transition the ball and get it into our half.”

Dan Coffield

Five disposals, five one-percenters & two tackles

“Played a nice, solid defensive game, took a couple of nice marks. He wasn’t able to find a lot of the ball but is in tremendous form regardless and was still a consistent performer.”