Richmond is proud to reveal its 2024 AFL Dreamtime guernsey, designed by Maurice Rioli Jnr and his mother, Alberta Kerinauia.

The design speaks of the deep connection between the Rioli family and the Richmond Football Club.

Maurice Rioli Senior played 118 matches for Richmond and was a Norm Smith and Jack Dyer Medallist.

The design features two family totems - the turtle (father) and the crocodile (mother).

“We all get our totems from our dad’s side of the family,” Rioli Jnr explained.


“We have all the seen the turtle before from Daniel’s (2019) Dreamtime guernsey... So basically, I did a (Rioli) design, and Mum did a (Kerinauia) design, and then we put it together.

“My mum is an artist as well, so I thought I would get her to do it with me. Obviously, she is special to me, so why not do it together? I can’t wait to put it on.”

The spears featured on the back of the jumper depict those used for hunting or battle in the Tiwi Islands. The spears have been used to provide food and provide for families; they represent Maurice’s ancestors going into battle to defend their family.

“The line that runs through the sash is the path that my father created for me, along with the support and help from my mother,” Rioli Jnr said.

“The patterns on the side signify the numerous people that I have met, and that have helped me on this journey.”

This design will have special meaning to Maurice’s home community of Pirlangimpi, located on the northwest coast of Melville Island, part of the Tiwi Islands.

It will also have significance to Maurice’s previous Club’s, the Imalu Tigers (Pirlangimpi), and NTFL Club St Mary’s (Darwin).

Richmond will wear Rioli Jnr’s design for the Dreamtime at the ‘G match against Essendon on May 25. Members are reminded that Dreamtime at the 'G is a fully-ticketed match, which means all general admission members must upgrade their ticket to secure their entry.

Dreamtime guernsey history

In 2011, Richmond became the first club in the AFL to have a specially-designed guernsey for the competition’s showpiece game of Indigenous Round, Dreamtime at the ‘G. Click through for a summary of each season's guernsey...