VFL backline and development coach Ryan Ferguson provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday's Round 14 loss against Footscray.

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Liam Baker

29 disposals, eight marks, six tackles, six rebound-50s & 12 handball receives

“Played three quarters down back in a different role and we feel like we certainly found something. He defended really well, he read and reacted really well to the ball and was able to use his clean disposal and rebound. A real find.”

Tom Silvestro

24 disposals, three tackles & four marks

“Worked hard up and down the wing and was able to find the ball. A good balance between contested and uncontested possessions.”

Jack Higgins

22 disposals, six tackles, seven clearances & one goal

“Had a couple of nice aerial balls where he took some strong marks. Lively again, covered a lot of ground, found the ball and was able to hit the scoreboard.”

Jacob Townsend

20 disposals, six tackles & four clearances

“Was not able to hit the scoreboard this week but was instrumental with his leadership and direction.”

Patrick Naish

18 disposals, eight handball receives, three inside-50s & three rebound-50s

“Played predominantly down back but was not able to impact this week as he has in the past. He's still growing his game with the flexibility of being able to play and impact down back and on the wing.”

Callum Coleman-Jones

16 disposals, seven marks, seven tackles, 18 hit-outs, one goal & four clearances

“Probably looked more dangerous as a forward this week. He created contests, hit-up marks, gave us an avenue towards goal and brought others into the game.”

Oleg Markov

15 disposals, 11 marks, two goals & three inside-50s

“Played forward and added a new dimension to our forward line. Something for us to explore as his speed was hard to control. He took 11 marks and was able to create separation as a different attacking option. We think we’ve found something along the same line as ‘Bakes’ (Liam Baker).”

Dan Butler

15 disposals, eight tackles, two clearances, three inside-50s & three rebound-50s

“Played multiple roles, whether it be forward or through the midfield. He laid eight tackles, so his pressure was good. He wasn’t able to quite break free as he often does in offence but a solid performance.”

Ryan Garthwaite

Nine disposals, three marks, three tackles, five spoils & five rebound-50s

“Had patches again in the ruck where he was able to compete and we were able to free him up which was good. Down back, he was trying to lead a backline that had a lot of different players coming in this week.”

Riley Collier-Dawkins

Seven disposals, five tackles & one clearance

“It was a tough day, he didn’t impact as he usually does. Defensively, he was just a bit off and he wasn’t able to win the contested ball as he normally does and then spread and get involved in our uncontested game.”

James Fletcher

16 disposals, six marks, five tackles, one goal & four inside-50s

“Played half-back with bits on the wing. Not as effective this week, although he had been in great form prior to that.”

Chad Harris

13 disposals, four tackles, three spoils & five rebound-50s

“Fought hard all day on some good half-forwards, not quite as decisive as he had been in previous weeks but still played an important role.”

Billy Coates

13 disposals, three marks, nine hit-outs & two clearances

“Played a few different roles, forward, ruck and back. He tried his guts out on a tough day.”

Jacob Ballard

12 disposals, eight tackles, four marks & seven inside-50s

“Tough in-tight with eight tackles, played on the wing at times and would have liked to have more influence on the game.”

Lachlan Street

10 disposals, three spoils & three marks

“Played mostly back for the first time this season and was really good in the contest. He’ll learn a lot from his off-ball positioning but an encouraging performance.”

Nick Baltas

Eight disposals, three marks, four contested possessions & four uncontested possessions

“Played as our 23rd player and will learn a lot from playing against a really good team, a great experience for him.”

Dan Coffield

Seven disposals, three marks & five spoils

“Just not quite as sharp as he has been in previous weeks. He still had some good intercepts and some strong contests.”

Luke Nelson

Five disposals, two goals & one clearance

“Showed a touch of class on a couple of occasions with his finishing and goals, we like what he’s added to our team.”

Noah Balta

Two disposals, one spoil & two rebound-50s

“Unfortunately hurt himself late in the first quarter and didn’t take any further part in the game.”

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