Development coach Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday's Round 7 win over Box Hill Hawks.

Patrick Naish

31 disposals, 17 handball receives, seven inside-50s & four rebound-50s

“Continues his good form throughout the VFL season so far with another 31 disposals. We’re loving his ability to stay in the contest as well. He had another fantastic game and it was great to see him in form.”

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

23 disposals, four marks & two clearances

“Was a bit fumbly at times, but in some big moments he stood-up when he had to. He’s been clean, which is one of his biggest strengths at the moment. He’s certainly playing great footy at this stage and it was great to see him have an impact on the game when it was in the balance.”

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Mav Weller

21 disposals, 13 contested possessions, one goal, six tackles & four clearances

“He continued to find a little bit of the ball, but his speed and spread from the contest was outstanding, six tackles is also something that we pride Mav on and was rewarded with a goal also, which was great to see.”

Fraser Turner

20 disposals, six marks & eight handball receives

“Playing some good footy at the moment. He can certainly find the footy for a first-year player, playing mostly on the wing role. He has the ability to use the ball and be clean, which is one of his biggest strengths and he continues to be in good form at this point-in-time in the season.”

Daniel Rioli

19 disposals, eight tackles & four clearances

“First game in the VFL this season and a game back from injury and I thought he looked quick and the pleasing thing was he had seven tackles and his pressure around the ball was really good. Also, he gave us some speed around the contest, which was a feature of his game.”

Dan Butler

18 disposals, three goals, five clearances & nine inside-50s

“I thought he was absolutely fantastic for us. Only had the 18 touches, but they were big impact touches. He looked quick from the contest and stoppage and played a little bit around the ball and was rewarded with 3.2. I thought he was one of our best players without a doubt and looked very quick out there.”

Jacob Townsend

17 disposals, six tackles, six clearances & five inside-50s

“I thought he was fantastic around the ball. We’re loving his pressure, he had six tackles, which was the most for our ‘mids’. Just his contest work has been a feature of his game and always has been. It’s been pleasing to see him back that up in the previous weeks.

Oleg Markov

17 disposals, six marks & five rebound-50s

“It was great to see Oleg back down there again. His second game (back), played limited game-time last week coming of that knee injury, but looked strong in the contest, looked dangerous. He played a really good game down back.”

Jake Aarts

11 disposals, three tackles & three clearances

“He was a little bit quieter today, but I thought he had some big moments in the contest. He didn’t get off and get goals like he usually has been able to get, but in saying that the work that we see behind the ball in what he does, his work-rate off the cameras is a big feature of his game. He certainly had a massive impact on the result of the game today.

Callum Coleman-Jones

10 disposals, nine hit-outs, four tackles & four clearances

“Played the majority of the ruck with (Ivan) Soldo being out, swapping with ‘Cholly’ (Mabior Chol). I though he was fantastic around the ball with his ‘hit tos’ and his ability to be able to get used when we have to if we kick the ball forward. He didn’t have an impact on the scoreboard, but he had a big presence around the stoppages, which was great.”

Ben Miller

10 disposals, one goal & two rebound-50s

“Went forward, kicked a goal. We’re trying to find that balance between him playing on talls down in defence and also an opportunity for him to go forward at times. He’s continued to develop and work on his game and his craft and he’ll continue to get better.”

Mabior Chol

Eight disposals, two goals, 10 hit-outs & five tackles

“He only had eight touches, but he had a massive impact on the game. Two goals, some big moments around the stoppages, especially centre-square bounce. He’s playing great footy at the moment, he’s in good form and its pleasing to see that he ended the game with five tackles, which is a feature of ‘Cholly’s’ game when he’s playing well.”

Steve Morris

22 disposals, six marks & three rebound-50s

“Again, was fantastic down back. He was brilliant at setting us up behind the ball and had 22 touches and led from the front again, which was fantastic to see.”

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Jacob Ballard

16 disposals, six handball receives & three clearances

“He’s just been fantastic. He’s just a great player for us, just plays his role. He’s strong in the contest, he brings others into the game. Players love having him in the team. He’s a big strong body, stands up in big moments, so he had an impact on the game.”

Tom Silvestro

16 disposals, one goal, six marks & five tackles

“’Silver’, 15 touches, five tackles, one goal, he’s just a great servant. He turns up, rolls his sleeves up and cracks in for us which creates opportunities for others. Same as ‘Jakey’ Ballard, the boys love having him in the side and playing alongside him.”

Blake Grewar

15 disposals, one goal, six clearances & three tackles

“Is in really good form for us. The last three games have been highly contested games, which suits his style. He had the 15 touches and the three tackles, but we’re loving what he’s doing around the ball. He’s a big strong body for us and that helps us win contests and get the ball on the outside, which is great to see.”

Hugh Beasley

13 disposals, five spoils & two clearances

“He was fantastic today I thought, played on Jarryd Roughead and ‘Roughy’ kicked one goal, but he kept him to zero touches in the first quarter. It was a credit to Hugh who was a bit sore in the ‘hammy’ during the week, to come out and have a big impact on a good player in ‘Roughy’, it was certainly great to watch.”

Lachlan Street

10 disposals, five handball receives & two clearances

“I really like the way this guy goes about it. He only had the 10 touches, but in the last quarter he had some big moments around stoppages where he won the ball for us or made a tackle. He took a fantastic mark as a forward, but just couldn’t quite finish it off on the scoreboard, but we love what this guy brings. He’s tough, he’s hard at the contest and sets us up really well when his wins the ball.”

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Charlie Thompson

Nine disposals, two goals, three marks & two tackles

“Makes the most of his opportunities, had the nine touches, but kicked two goals. Just his work-rate, similar to Jake Aarts, his work off the ball that you don’t see on camera, the work-rate and his ability to run up and down the ground to put pressure on when the ball’s in our forward-50 is a feature of his game and the reason why he plays week in and week out.”

Brenton Credlin

Eight disposals, two marks & two spoils

“Was a little bit quieter but had some really big impacts. I think he split his head open from putting his head over the ball, which we love about him. Play his role, he comes in and we have confidence in him knowing he can play a half-back role or wing. It was pleasing to see him also have an impact on the game.” 

James Fletcher

Six disposals, three handball receives & two tackles

“Was a little bit quieter, but the same thing, we love his ability and his work-rate and what you don’t see on the vision. He definitely helps us and makes us a stronger team, he can run and we love his ability to be able to play a role for us, which is fanastic.”

Daniel Coffield

Six disposals, six spoils & two rebound-50s

“Really strong behind the ball for us. He sets us up defensively, has a really good relationship with Steve Morris, our skipper and our backs and sets us up really well and gives us the ability to win the ball back and had a great impact on the game.”

Billy Coates

Three disposals, two handball receives & two tackles

“Actually, had a shut-down role on (David) Mirra. He had limited impact in terms of disposals, but what he did off the ball, being able to engage his opponent in Mirra, not let him jump and take uncontested marks was certainly something we focussed on. So Billy did his role there, brought the ball to ground and we got benefit from that with our smalls scoring goals.