Richmond VFL and development coach Xavier Clarke provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in Thursday afternoon's scratch match against Hawthorn.

Ryan Garthwaite

"Another solid performance down back. Rarely gets beaten and played his role really well. He certainly doesn't let his teammates down."

Noah Balta

"He had glimpses of his great game last week. Playing 4 v 4 can be hard but he did the best he could and he certainly showed glimpses of what he can do."

Thomson Dow

"Probably our standout for the day. He won a lot of the ball around the ground and was very good. He's got great pace and sees the game pretty well. Similar to our other young midfielders, he'll continue to learn his craft as a midfielder around stoppages and the way we play."

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Scratch match: Post-match interview

VFL senior coach, Xavier Clarke speaks to Richmond media following the scratch match between Richmond and Melbourne.

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Ben Miller

"It was a really good game from Ben early. He had some good contests and good spoils one-on-one. Something he's been working on a lot with Ryan Ferguson and Justin Leppitsch is his body work and aerial contest, and he showed some good signs in that part of his game." 

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

"Played mostly half-back and on the wing at times. When he does get the ball, he makes things happen, so we encourage him to get his hands on the ball more often. He had glimpses of some really good passages of play."

Kamdyn McIntosh

"Played his first game for a while and was pretty excited about it. He played mostly on the wing and played his role. He played that link up between our defenders and our midfielders going forward and I thought he played a good game."

Toby Nankervis

"Played through the midfield in the ruck and continued to work hard. Went forward at times and had an impact."

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Scratch match highlights: Richmond v Hawthorn

Watch the highlights from the scratch match where Richmond took on the Hawks.

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Riley Collier-Dawkins

"He played midfield the whole game. He's a big body and certainly knows how to win the ball and he's hard to tackle at times. He showed glimpses of playing a good game of footy." 

Luke English

"A workhorse up and down the ground. He is continuing to develop his craft as a midfielder, especially his biggest strength which is his transition running forward and back."

Patrick Naish

"Very good on the wing. He linked up and down the ground and loved the space with 14 v 14. He showed glimpses of him playing to his strengths."

Hugo Ralphsmith

"Developing nicely as a half-forward at the moment. He's got a great work-rate and can get up and down the ground, his GPS numbers are a reflection of that. He rewarded himself with a few goals which was great for see."

Jake Aarts

"I thought Jake was really good. Worked up and down the ground, and his crumbing work in the forward 50 contest was some of the best I've seen for a while. He was rewarded with a few goals and he just continued to work hard and create a contest."

Callum Coleman-Jones

"Played majority of the game up forward and spent times swapping in the ruck with 'Nank'. For big guys, playing up forward in a 14 v 14 game can be pretty quick, but he played his role."

Mabior Chol

"Got better as the game went on. Had some really good marking contests one-on-one. Finished with a few goals and he continued to work hard and impress."