Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides ‘Roar Vision’ with an update on the injury status of several members of the Tigers’ playing group.

Jack Graham, shoulder dislocation

“He had some scans over the weekend, which showed just a little bit of anterior labral damage, which is pretty typical of any dislocation. So now it’s just a short period of time of rehab. It’s that shorter-medium term range injury. He’s got to get full strength back in that shoulder to be able to tackle. The great news for Jack is that he’ll possibly be able to start running late this week, at worse early next week. So, from a fitness point of view, he certainly won’t lose anything. It’s just really getting that strength and being able to tackle again and function, and then he’ll be back in the frame for selection.”

Nathan Broad, fractured cheekbone

“He needed surgery, which was done on Saturday . . . So he’s quite sore and swollen at the moment . . . He’ll start jogging later in the week, as he feels comfortable. It’s a short-medium term injury. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, but we need to wait for the swelling to die down and for him to feel absolutely comfortable, so that if he does cop a knock to his head, at any stage, it’s not going to reinjure and break again. That’s the main thing. From a fitness point of view, though, we’ll be able to get him going pretty quickly and also non-contact skills fairly soon as well.”

Dan Butler, ankle injury

“’Buts’, in the first quarter, went up for a marking contest and landed awkwardly and hurt his ankle. He’s going to miss a period of time now . . . He’s in a boot this week and it’s a short-medium term injury.”

Bachar Houli, groin injury

“He’s a very good chance for this week. He trained fully at the end of last week. He’s kicked off long kicking, flat-out agility, top speed, all those sort of things. It’s really now fully training this week and then we’ll make an assessment on Thursday whether we go ahead and pick him . . . But at this stage it’s looking really good.”

Ryan Garthwaite, ankle injury

“He’s sore . . . At this stage it’s questionable whether he’ll get up for this weekend . . . If there’s any doubt, we’ll probably give him the week (off).”

Ivan Soldo and Anthony Miles, concussion

“Both are feeling really good. They have to go through standard concussion testing early this week and tick off training. So really it’s a decision we’ll make on our main session on Thursday.”

Reece Conca, ankle dislocation

“It’s looking really good. He doesn’t have a boot on today . . . He’ll probably start jogging on the Alter G treadmill later this week, definitely at the latest next week . . .” 

Nathan Drummond, hamstring injury

“He ran at about 90 percent last week. He’ll be running at full speed by the end of this week and then we’d probably move him to some training next week . . . He’s still probably a couple of weeks away.”

Oleg Markov, knee injury

“Oleg is going really well. He’ll start training tomorrow. Whether that means he plays this week or not, we’re not too sure at this stage . . . We’ll make a smart decision come Thursday . . .”

Mabior Chol, broken foot

“’Mabs’ is out of the boot, which is great news. He’s five weeks post his injury, so now it’s a progression of walking without the boot on and then, hopefully, jogging on the Alter G treadmill . . . It’s still a medium-term injury from this point, but it looks really good that he’ll play footy by the end of the year.”