Get the latest injury update from Physical Performance Manager Luke Meehan ahead of Sunday's Gather Round clash against St Kilda in Adelaide.

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Tom Lynch, hamstring 

"Tom's going in for surgery tomorrow to repair the tendon at the back of his knee. The incident occurred really late in the game on Sunday, he was turning and got pushed and landed awkwardly. It's actually a really rare injury, for what has occurred, we've got a really experienced medical team here who haven't seen anything like it before. So, he goes into surgery tomorrow and we're looking at about a three-month layoff. Tom did a mountain of work to get back, he was in great condition, and unfortunately, these things happen. But, Tom's looking forward to getting stuck back into it, and we'll see him later in the year."

Noah Balta, knee 

"I think it was in the last 20 seconds, a really critical contest that Noah was involved in. His right knee clashed with (Swan) Brodie Grundy, and unfortunately, he suffered a MCL sprain. We're looking at about a month out, he's in a brace at the moment and hopefully gets going in about two weeks."

Dustin Martin, calf

"Dustin suffered a pretty severe corked calf just prior to Opening Round. He's sort of been spluttering ever since, and we made the decision to pull him out of last week (Round 3). Since then, he's put together multiple sessions. He's looking really good, and we're looking forward to seeing him return this week."

Jack Graham, quad

"He is (on track to return for Gather Round). He's been working really hard the last month. He's done a mountain of work and I'm looking forward to seeing him on Sunday."

Dylan Grimes, wrist

"It's still pretty sore. In the third quarter against Port Adelaide (Round 2), he had an incident and hurt his wrist. Initially, we thought he may have broken it. Scans cleared him of any major damage, but he's still in a lot of pain. We thought we'd give him all of last week to get up, and unfortunately, he couldn't quite get through the main session. At this stage, we've still got another session to go, and we'll see how he is later in the week."

Jacob Bauer, hamstring

"Jacob hurt himself on our first or second session back from Christmas earlier this year. Since then, he's had a really interrupted training block. He put together a couple of weeks of training and we were looking to play him last week, but unfortunately, in the last session, he hurt his hamstring again. This in isolation is not a major issue, but we've listed him as medium-term to allow for him to bank some good training continuity before he returns."

Dion Prestia, hamstring 

"He's tracking really well, he's putting together some good weeks of training. He's just starting to hit some intensity, we want him to get through a really strong block of work before we return him, and at this stage, it's still a few weeks away."

Jacob Hopper, knee 

"He's going really well, he's starting to get function back in his knee. We're looking to start running next week, and hopefully we'll see him very soon."

James Trezise, ankle 

"He's going well as well. He's out of his moon boot now, he's walking around. We're looking to start running soon, and he's on track for around about a month until he returns."

Richmond Injury List:


Dustin Martin, calf

Dylan Grimes, wrist

Jack Graham, quad


James Trezise, ankle (3-5 weeks)

Jacob Hopper, knee (3-4 weeks)

Noah Balta, knee (4-6 weeks)

Jacob Bauer, hamstring (4-6 weeks)

Dion Prestia, hamstring (6 weeks)

Tom Lynch, hamstring (10-12 weeks)

Liam Fawcett, back (TBC - Long Term)

Mate Colina, back (TBC - Long Term)

Josh Gibcus, knee (season)