Richmond’s fourth pick (No. 62 overall) in the 2018 AFL national draft, hard-running, ‘ball-magnet’ WA midfielder, Luke English, tells ‘Roar Vision’ about his transition to Tigerland.

Draft daze and delight

“I wasn’t really expecting a move to Tigerland...I had a few clubs talk to me, but I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to end up. But I’m really happy to be in Tigerland.”

Post-draft dash

“It was pretty crazy, being drafted from Perth. I got rung up Friday (by the Club), just after I got picked up, and then had to move by Saturday lunch. So said goodbye to the family, flew over, and got straight into it...It was pretty sad, Mum was a bit emotional, but I loved getting involved in the Club and I just wanted to get here as soon as possible.”

Early Tiger time

“The first few days have been pretty light on. We haven’t done too much. There’s a lot of trying to develop us with the structures and the game plan. But I’m enjoying it.”

Sacrifices reap rewards

“I’m pretty happy that all of the sacrifices I made through my childhood have paid off...I’ve always made the sacrifices for footy and I’m pretty happy to be here now.”

Big benefits from hard work

“I think my strong work ethic really helped me get bigger in the gym and to just continually develop my skills...”

What he brings to the table at Tigerland

“I bring elite endurance. I work really and good leadership.” 

Richmond role models

“Probably Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin. Trent’s an amazing leader and a great player and Dustin’s just a really great player as well.” 

Moving ahead in a helmet

“I wear a helmet because I got knocked out just before a State carnival in 2015. So I wore the helmet then and got really comfortable with it...thought it gave me a bit more confidence, like burying my head into packs. So I continue to wear it now.”