We continue our special post-season series revealing the thoughts of Richmond’s latest premiership heroes on that wonderful one day in September 2019. Today, livewire forward Jason Castagna reflects on the Tigers’ glorious triumph.

The big game itself

“I thought I had a pretty good game, bar all the points. I was pretty happy and if we lost it would have been a different story obviously, but kicking five points in a winning Grand Final is fine with me.”

Grand Final lead-up

“Everyone was just pretty excited to be there and we (were) told to enjoy the week. Everyone was just taking it in. Personally, I love the Grand Final parade, that was good fun. The whole week was good.”

First sense that Richmond had secured the flag 

“Even though we were smashing the game from midway through the second, I still didn’t let my mind go there. It probably wasn’t until there was maybe 10 minutes left in the last quarter, that I thought we had it all sewn up.”

The last 10 minutes

“I don’t think we were saying a whole lot, we were celebrating pretty hard. And every goal that everyone kicked, was (celebrated) like it was the last one and the siren had gone. That was one of the best parts for me.”

At the final siren

“I was setting up in my normal position on the half-forward flank and I saw Jack and Dusty closest to me, and they dived on the ground and I just ran and dived on top of them.”